Wedding Gift Ideas from Parents: Thoughtful Gifts for the Couple

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be challenging. Our wedding gift ideas from parents will help you choose thoughtful presents that celebrate the special day. From sentimental keepsakes to practical items, discover unique gifts that the happy couple will cherish forever. Dive in and get inspired!

Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas from Parents


If you want to thank the parents of the bride, or the parents of the groom for all the support both financial and emotional they have offered during the wedding planning stage, or you want to show them just how much they are loved and valued, a luxury thank you gift that they can both enjoy is the way to go. Happily, there are several options to choose from here including: 


Caviar For Two Hamper 


Luxury simply oozes from this gift, and it’s bound to impress both the groom’s and the bride; ‘s parents. Consisting of two vodka flutes and a whopping 125g of high-grade caviar along with dainty mother-of-pearl spoons for serving this caviar gift set will impress everyone. 



You can even choose between different types of caviar such as Royal Alverta® for $330.00, Royal Daurenki® for $428.00, the top of the range Royal Ossetra for $610.00. The great thing about this gift is that not only does it provide the lucky recipients with a taste of the high life, but they can also keep the adorable mother-of-pearl spoons and vodka flutes as a lasting reminder of their child’s gratitude. 


Fresh Flowers For A Year 


While flowers are a popular thank-you gift for those involved in a wedding, you can raise the bar by extending this gift across an entire year! Imagine the delight of the recipients as they get a bunch of freshly cut and beautifully chosen flowers every single month! The best way to go about this is to buy the recipient a fresh flower subscription. Some will even allow them to log in and choose the different types of bouquets and plants they would like at different times of the year! A Fresh cut flower subscription is an ideal thank-you gift for parents involved in a wedding because it keeps on giving for an entire year, truly expressing their appreciation and thanks. 


A Relaxing Trip Away 


Weddings can be stressful (and expensive) for parents as well as the bride and groom. With that in mind, one of the more high-end gifts that is often welcome is a nice relaxing trip away. The best approach to take here is to choose a long weekend or a trip with a duration of just a few days that allows your parents to get some rest, relaxation, or pampering, or even all three. 


For example, a spa break could be just what they are looking for to decompress and get pampered after the stress of making sure your wedding goes off without a problem. Alternatively, for the more introverted parents how about getting them a voucher for a weekend away in a remote rural cottage? Such a trip will allow them to relax by the fire, walk in nature get some time to themselves and replenish their batteries after all the social hustle and bustle of a wedding. 


Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas from Parents


Coming up with wedding thank-you gifts for parents’ ideas along with everything else when you are planning and organizing a wedding can be a lot. The good news is two things can make this process easier, and take some of the pressure off. The first is to use the well-resourced suggestions we provide in this post, while the second is to use tools like online. Indeed, online tools like are perfect for finding the best-personalised gift because you can add in the recipient’s interests, their relationship to you, and the occasion to get customized suggestions at the click of a button. It really couldn’t be easier to find a gift that is sure to delight! 


Personalized Hanky Square 


One of the sweetest personalized wedding thank-you gifts for parents available right now is a hanky square. These hanky squares can be personalized in all sorts of ways including adding the date of the wedding, the wedding flowers, the couple’s names, and even a personalized message. They can also be printed or for an even more personalized touch, they can be hand embroidered instead. 


The meaning behind giving a personalized hanky square to parents involved in a wedding as a thank-you gift should not be ignored either. After all, tears are common at weddings, albeit happy ones, and this gift acknowledges and celebrates this while also providing a keepsake that can be treated after the big day. 


Personalized Art For Their Home 


Another great option for a thank-you gift for the parents of the bride or groom is a piece of personalized art. There are two options to consider here. The first is to get a piece of the art personalized in a way that honors the recipients. For example, a framed word cloud with all the things each parent loves like wine, boating, walking, their dogs, sleepy Sunday mornings etc. This shows how well you and your partner know and love them and can be a sweet reminder of the love shared between you. 


The other option is to customize a piece of art around the theme of the wedding or the marriage. One of the best examples of this is a framed image like this one which contains two street signs. Each sign displays the name of one of the families involved in the marriage, and so symbolizes the joining not only of the bride and groom but of both the families as well. 


Personalized Candle 


A little simpler than the other options, a personalized candle can still be a welcome gift for any parent as a thank-you for their involvement in a wedding. The great thing about a personalized candle is that you can choose a scent that you know the recipients will love, and will use in their everyday life. Then whenever they go to light it they will be reminded of your gratitude! 


Budget-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas from Parents


Weddings are notoriously expensive, and that can leave budgets stretched even for those who want nothing more than to show their gratitude to their parents. The good news is some classic gifts can fit within even the smallest budget too. Read on to find out what they are. 


Bunch Of Flowers 


First of all, a nice bouquet is a very traditional gift for the mother of the bride or groom. Indeed, many people present their mother and new mother-in-law with a bouquet during the speeches. The great thing about this type of gift is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. 



For example, you may ask your florist to supply some extra flowers in the same style and colour as the wedding and then make up the bouquet yourself? Alternatively, if you are pressured for time why not ask a bridesmaid or your maid of honor to do it for you?


Bottle Of Whiskey/Spirits 


For the father of the groom or bride, a decent budget gift is a bottle of whiskey or their favorite spirits. This usually costs just about enough that it makes it a nice treat without breaking the bank, and the added bonus is that every time they pour out a drink from that bottle they will remind you of your gratitude and your big day! 


If the budget allows you can even stretch this gift by adding a hip flask. These can be great wedding thank-you gifts for parents as they at once provide a keepsake and a practical item that can be used right away. Indeed, many fathers have been known to fill up their hip flasks as soon as they receive them and then sup from them during the rest of the wedding celebration! 


Parents Of The Brides Gift Ideas


If you want to buy separate gifts for each parent then the next section should help you make your decision. You’ll find great suggestions both for each one of the bride’s parents, as well as each of the groom’s parents in the section below. 


Mother Of The Bride 


Her daughter’s wedding is a big day for the mother of the bride, and she has likely been a great deal of support both financially and emotionally along the journey to get there. That is why it makes sense to invest in a thank-you gift that is meaningful and will act as a keepsake that the mother of the bride can keep for years to come. 


Trinket Dish 


One of the best types of keepsakes for the purpose of thanking the mother of the bride has to be a trinket dish or box. These are small and delicate items that tend to sit on a dressing table or bedside table holding important things like jewelry and other trinkets. Such a gift can work well because it is not only beautiful but it’s also something that will get plenty of use, and so act as a near-constant reminder to the mother of the bride of just how much her help with the wedding was appreciated. 


Another great thing about trinket dishes as boxes as a gift for the mother of the bride is that they can be personalized. Boxes can be engraved with a thank you message, along with the date of the wedding. Trinket dishes can be personalized with initials, messages, and in some cases photos of the happy couple, making them the perfect reminder of a perfect day. 




Jewelry is also an excellent choice for a thank-you gift for the mother of the bride. The first reason that this is the case is that there is such a wide range of options available from necklaces, to rings to bracelets. This means it should be easy to find something suitable that the mother of the bride will love. 


Another reason that jewelry makes a great mother-of-the-bride thank-you gift is that it can help them feel even more involved in the wedding celebrations. For instance, if you buy jewelry for your bridesmaids, also getting a piece from the same collection for the mother of the bride can help her feel connected as a member of the wedding party. 


Lastly, because jewelry is a lasting item, and one that can feature precious stones and metals make the ideal thank-you gift for the mother of the bride. Indeed, a good piece of jewelry well chosen for the recipients can be kept for a lifetime and will remind the wearer of the love and gratitude it represents every time it is worn. 


Father Of The Bride 


When it comes to choosing a gift for the father of the bride, it’s easy to run out of ideas quickly. However, the sentimental suggestions you can find below can help you get this tricky task just right. 


Daddy-Daughter Dance Music Framed


Many weddings feature not just a first dance for the happy couple, but a father-daughter dance as well. Why not honor and commemorate this emotional moment by getting the sheet music from the daddy-daughter dance song framed, and present it to the father of the bride? 


Whether he chooses to display it in the living room, or his study or workshop, you can be sure that it will act as a wonderful reminder of his part in a very special day. 


Customized Tie 


Another great thank-you gift for the father of the bride is a customized tie. These are regular ties that have patches stuck onto the backside square of the fabric where the tie folds. You can add your message of thanks and love on these patches, and many people add photos of Dad and his daughter when she was little to these patches as well! 


Not only are such customized ties a great and probably tear-jerking keepsake, but you can make this special by choosing a designer tie for him to wear on the day as well. 


Parents Of The Groom Gifts Ideas


If you are looking for gifts that express your thanks and which are ideally suited to the parents of the groom, then you’ve come to the right place. Just check out our thoughtful suggestions below. 


Mother Of The Groom 


Wedding days can be challenging for the mother of the groom, as it can sometimes feel as if she is losing her son! However, you can show her just how much you care, and how thankful you are to have her in your life with a thoughtful gift. 


Customized Purse 


Probably the most thoughtful of these gifts is a customized purse that she can use on the big day. The twist is that inside the flap of the purse, the lining isn’t any ordinary material but fabric printed with the image of her son as a little boy. That way whenever she opens the bags she’ll be reminded that no matter how mature her child gets, he will always be her little boy and will love her. 


Commemorative Tree/Plant


Another beautifully sentimental item that is ideal for the mother of the groom is a commemorative tree. The idea behind this is that she can plant it in her garden as a symbol of the new family that the marriage creates. Then over time, the tree will grow just as the new relationships between the mother of the groom and her daughter-in-law. 


Father Of The Groom 


Often the father of the groom can get overlooked when it comes to a wedding. After all, he doesn’t give away the bride like the other father involved does! However, making sure he is given a gift that demonstrates thanks for his involvement in the day can be a wonderful way to ensure he still feels valued and involved. 


Commemorative Glasses 


One of the best gifts for the father of the groom has to be a set of commemorative glasses. Then he can toast the happy couple not only on their wedding day but every time he has a drink at home too! 


A major advantage of choosing commemorative glasses as a thank-you gift is that you can make them as personal as you’d like. For example, if you know he’s a bourbon man then you can look for special bourbon glasses. Glasses also make an ideal base on which to get a personalized message engraved. 


Pocket Watch 


Lastly, for the father of the groom, what about a pocket watch as a thank-you gift? There is a wide range of watches in this style now available so you can go as expensive or budget as you like. You can also get them in a range of finishes from gold, to solver, to brass so you’ll be sure to find one that fits the groom’s father’s look. Again, like many of the suggestions you will find in this post, you can also easily get a pocket watch engraved with a special message to commemorate the day and express your thanks. 


Another fabulous thing about choosing a pocket watch is that not only can the father of the groom wear the item on the big day, but he’ll also get to keep it and be reminded of his role in the day every time he checks the time! 

Our wedding gift ideas from parents offer thoughtful and unique presents to celebrate the special couple. From sentimental keepsakes to practical items, find the perfect gift to make their day even more memorable. For more amazing ideas, visit and discover the ideal present for any occasion!

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