Valentine Ideas for Teacher Gifts: Thoughtful Tokens of Appreciation

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The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers


Valentine’s Day is all about showing our appreciation to the most important people in our lives. Teachers are the educational force that drives your children every day. Great Valentine ideas for teacher gifts can help you say thank you for that, and the best gifts to choose for teachers this Valentine’s include – 


A Homemade Hamper


Nothing says thank you like a homemade hamper that you’ve created with your child. A hamper could include shop-bought treats of homemade cakes like cookies, brownies, or cupcakes depending on what your child’s teacher likes best. Line your hamper with a special blanket, and finish this gift with a luxury bottle of cordial or juice to ensure the teacher in question feels special. 


A Book Subscription


A monthly book subscription in a teacher’s favorite genre or specialist subject can be the perfect Valentine’s gift. If you’re unsure what your child’s teacher enjoys reading, then you could even gift them a kid’s book subscription that will keep them stocked up with new and exciting titles to read in the classroom for everyone’s benefit. 


A Stationery Set


Stationery is a big part of any teacher’s day, and a special stationery set is a gift they’re sure to both appreciate and use. Depending on what your child’s teacher likes, you could choose pens and pads that are funny, beautiful, or minimal. You could also personalize this gift with things like an initial-engraved pen, or an in-joke printed on the cover of a custom notebook. 


A Custom Rubber Stamp


Teachers spend a lot of their working life marking endless student books. A custom rubber stamp is a Valentine’s gift that can make this job a little more exciting, as well as being a fun addition for that teacher’s students. Custom stamps could include a teacher’s name, a drawing of the teacher, or just a fun saying that a teacher is particularly known for. 


Affordable Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers


You don’t need to spend a fortune on your child’s teacher to let them know how much you appreciate what they do. Affordable Valentine gifts for teachers can be just as meaningful and include – 


A Teacher Tote Bag


Tote bags make great book bags for any teacher, and a teaching-themed tote can be an ideal affordable teacher’s gift. You can either buy a pre-printed teacher tote, or personalize your own with the name of your child’s favorite teacher, or even a picture of the whole class for memory’s sake. 


A Personalized Bookmark


Any teacher will appreciate a personalized bookmark they can use for their own reading, or to hold their place in a class book. You could place this bookmary in a special edition of a book you know that teacher loves ,or keep costs down by simply presenting a bookmark that’s been personalized with that teacher’s name and subject in a nice box. 


 A Potted Plant


Teachers help your child grow, so why not give them a potted plant to mark your appreciation? Small desktop potted plants like succulents can add a pop of color to the classroom, as well as continually reminding that teacher of everything they’re helping your child achieve. Make this gift feel even more special by choosing a plant in a beautiful pot that matches any classroom decor. 


Funny Teacher Gifts for Valentine’s 


Teachers work so hard all year that they deserve to enjoy a laugh on Valentine’s Day. Funny teacher gifts for Valentine’s can be the ideal way to make a special teacher smile, and could even set the whole class laughing.


A Comedy Mug


Coffee is a go-to for many teachers who work long hours that include an early start every weekday morning. A comedy mug can help them start every school day with a smile and is sure to go down well with their students, too. Great options for a comedy mug that’ll get a teacher laughing include a mug with sayings from their favorite comedy shows or a personalized mug that includes their name in a funny teacher-based joke. 


A ‘Last Nerve’ Candle


Candles are always a good teacher gift, but you can make this go-to gift funny with a last nerve candle that represents the high-stress situations all teachers have to deal with. Make this gift even funnier by personalizing it with a teacher’s name. Then, they can light this candle with a smile after even the most stressful days. 


A Funny Card


A card is a perfectly acceptable Valentine gift for any teacher, and there are plenty of funny card options to make this the best thing they receive all day. You can personalize a comedy card to make them laugh, or choose funny cards that are specific to their subject and any jokes to do with that. You could also include a gift card for their favorite restaurant, a spa treatment, or something similar if you want to add a little extra. 


Classroom Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers

Teachers spend a lot of time in the classroom, and classroom-themed gifts can be great for teachers on Valentine’s Day. These are things they’ll use every day at work and include – 


A Personalized Pen Pot


Teachers need pens for themselves and any students who are caught short. A pen pot that’s personalized with a teacher’s name can help any teacher to get organized, and keep their pen collection somewhere safe. Make a pen pot an even more special gift by pairing it with a pack of custom or pretty pens to fill it with. 


A Special Edition Book


Teachers often choose personal favorite books to read to their class, and both students and teachers could benefit from a special edition of a class book like Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland, or more.


A Custom Photo Frame


Brighten a teacher’s desk with a custom photo frame that includes their name and the class year. Include a photo of your child’s whole class to turn this into a keepsake that a teacher is sure to treasure for the rest of their working lives. 

And there you have it, our sweetest Valentine Ideas for Teacher Gifts to show your appreciation. If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect token of gratitude, visit for a plethora of thoughtful and unique gift ideas. Happy gifting, and may your teacher’s Valentine’s Day be as heartwarming as their dedication!

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