Teacher Gifts Ideas: Appreciation Presents That Stand Out

a teacher receiving a surprise gift from one of her student

Scratching your head for Teacher Gifts Ideas? Look no further! Whether it’s for the superhero who survived a year with your kid or just to say thanks, we’ve got the quirkiest, heartiest, and downright stand-out gifts that’ll make any teacher feel like a star!


Teaching is A Work of Heart Sticky Notes Set


Teaching can be a difficult job because it requires a huge amount of personal investment. You need to spend a lot of time working together with your students, learning their individual preferences and habits, and you also need to have a lot of patience to work together with them.



With this set of sticky notes and pads, you can help a teacher stay organized while also putting a smile on their face. It’s a fantastic gift to give someone who has a hectic life that demands a lot from them, and it’s practical which means it’ll probably be used and not just forgotten about!


This set includes multiple different sticky notes and memo pads in a cute little package. It’s a wonderful way to say thank you to a teacher, and they’ll be glad to have yet another useful organizational tool to help with their daily responsibilities.


Teacher Canvas Tote Bag


Whether it’s books, lesson plans, files, or other items, teachers often have to carry a lot of stuff around with them in school. If you see a teacher carrying a heavy backpack or trying to move a high stack of books by themselves, why not give a tote bag as a token of your appreciation?



Tote bags are wonderfully versatile, especially if you get something durable such as this bag. You can carry everything from heavy books to groceries in it, and this particular one even comes with a unique little makeup bag with a zipper. Together, this makes this particular item a great gift for teachers if you want to show your appreciation.


So if you’re looking for a practical gift with a teacher-themed design, then this tote bag is a wonderful choice!


Teacher Appreciation Cards


Sending an appreciation card or giving one in person is a surprisingly powerful and meaningful gift for teachers. This is because it gives you the opportunity to add something personal to the card, like a message that you want to relay to your teacher. You can really open up and talk about your experiences, and truly show your appreciation to a teacher that made a difference in your life.



This pack of teacher appreciation cards is a wonderful gift idea because it means you can send multiple cards to every teacher that you’ve worked with. Alternatively, you could save them for the many teachers, lecturers, and other educational professionals that you might work with in the future.


You can’t get much simpler than an appreciation card, and while it may seem lame to some people because it’s not a practical gift, it still gives you the opportunity to really get personal with your messages to make the whole gift more meaningful and impactful. eGift Card


Gift cards are still gifts! If you really can’t think of a nice gift for a teacher, then there’s nothing wrong with an Amazon eGift card (or any gift card for that matter) and customizing it with a teacher-related image.



They can choose what they want to buy with it, and it means you don’t have to think about what kind of gift to give them! They get some money in their Amazon balance, and they’ll smile when they read your note and see a design like “Best Teacher Ever” on the card.


There’s nothing wrong with getting a gift card as a gift, especially if you feel stressed when it comes to choosing a present for someone.


First-Year Teacher Gifts Ideas


12 Pieces Inspirational Sticky Notes


Let’s face it, teaching isn’t an easy job and it takes a real soldier to make it through your first year. So if you know a teacher who’s just starting out, why not get them a motivational and inspirational gift that also has a practical use?



These inspirational sticky notes may be fairly plain, but they’re incredibly useful (as sticky notes usually are!) and come with simple yet meaningful motivational messages on them. From “Don’t Stop Believing” to “Good Things Are Coming”, any teacher will get a little burst of motivation and a smile on their face whenever they use one of these bright and colorful sticky notes.


These sticky notes come in four different styles, each with its own unique colors and fonts, so you can really choose something that resonates with a teacher. It’s a thoughtful and practical gift to give to any first-year teacher.


Things My Students Said: Journal for Teachers


New teachers are going to go through so many unique and interesting experiences throughout their first year. So much so that many teachers in this position find it fascinating to record the things their students say, especially if they’re working with younger students! It’s a wonderful way to record all of the unique, funny, and interesting things that students say, and it’s something a teacher can reflect on in the future.



This is a simple notebook with a colorful front cover. The pages are blank so that teachers can fill them with fun and unique comments from their students. There are 120 pages, so there’s plenty of space to write down lots of things.


So if you know a teacher who is starting soon, or if you’re starting class with a first-year teacher, this can be a thoughtful and practical gift that will help them record precious and fun memories throughout their time as a teacher.


Funny Gift Ideas for Teachers


Funny Double-Sided Good Day Bad Day Whiskey Glass


We often joke about teachers getting really stressed in their jobs and drinking at work as a result. This funny little gift fully leans into that idea, making it a fantastic funny gift for teachers that love a good laugh!



The whiskey glass is simple yet very teacher-oriented. It’s got a “Teacher” logo on one side, and the other has measurement lines for Good Day, Bad Day, and Don’t Even Ask! It’s a subtle joke that will put a smile on a teacher’s face.


Pretty affordable too, making it a great budget gift idea. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not get a nice drink to go along with this teacher-themed whiskey glass?


Funny Gifts Teacher Tumbler


Teachers need to stay hydrated too, and this double-wall vacuum tumbler with fun messages on the side can be a great gift for any teacher.



There are teacher-themed messages like “Don’t make me use my teacher voice” and “Oooh… this needs a spreadsheet” and the cup itself is a high-quality vacuum-insulated tumbler. It’s great for both hot and cold drinks, and it can keep hot drinks warm for a couple of hours which makes it surprisingly practical as well.


So if you’re searching for a fun and practical gift for a teacher, then you should definitely consider this! Remember to check through all of the different variations to find the perfect message that represents your recipient!


MNLYBABY Teacher Shirts


Teachers often wear very serious and bland work clothing for school, so why not give them something a little more interesting and fun? These shirts are surprisingly well-designed with cool logos and imagery, making them a great gift for any proud teacher!



These shirts come in a few different colors, sizes, and designs. The first main design says “I’m a Cool Teacher” and has some retro design vibes, making it perfect for older teachers or teachers who adore those old graphic design motifs and fonts. The other design is a more modern option with lots of teachers and school-themed items drawn in the shape of a heart.


Both designs are wonderful and are sure to brighten up any teacher’s wardrobe. However, you’ll probably find it hard to get a teacher to wear it to school, but we’re sure they’ll wear it unashamedly when they’re at home on their day off!


HAPPYPOP Funny Teacher Socks


Ever imagine or think about what a teacher does on their days off? They’re probably wearing these kinds of socks and lounging around! Teaching is hard work, so it’s understandable that they want to lounge around in comfort when it’s their day off. With these socks, they can remind themselves what a great teacher they are, how hard they work, and that they deserve a break!



These funny teacher socks are the perfect gift for any teacher. They’ve got a fun little message on the bottom of the sock, they’re soft and comfortable, and they come in a presentable little box.


You can find a few different messages and design variations for funny socks like this. These “Shhh, I’m Reading” socks are a great example, and they might be more suitable depending on the teacher you’re giving them to!


Budget Gift Ideas for Teachers


POPLOPP Cute Lanyards for ID Badges and Keys


No teacher’s outfit is complete without a lanyard to hold their ID badge or keys, so why not give a teacher something that will look stylish around their neck?



This cute little lanyard is perfect for holding an ID card, keys, or any kind of badge. It’s small, practical, and will help your favorite teacher stand out from the crowd! It’s surprisingly fashionable given its small size, and the colors present a typical wooden pencil which adds to the educator aesthetic.


This little lanyard is really affordable, making it the perfect budget gift for a teacher. So whether you’re looking to buy multiple gifts for a teacher or just want something small as a gesture of thanks, this is a great option.


Teacher Appreciation Keychain


Keychains are a great little accessory to add to virtually anything. While they’re most commonly paired with your keys, it’s also common to see teachers use keychains on their lanyards, school keys, locker keys, and other items in the classroom.


These teacher appreciation keychains are a great gift because they’re small, cute, affordable, and meaningful. They come with lovely messages that show your appreciation to a teacher, and there’s even a little shiny bee attached to the keyring.


It’s an affordable gift for teachers and it’s something that will always stay with them, whether they attach it to their home keys, locker keys, school keys, or anywhere else!


Bookmark with Chain Gift for Teachers


Teachers are always buried under books, whether they’re reading them out for their class or studying to create a lesson plan in the future. They read a lot of books throughout the school year, so why not get them a wonderful metal bookmark to help them keep track of their pages?



This bookmark is made from metal, making it a lot more durable than regular bookmarks that you’d find. In fact, lots of teachers just use whatever they find lying around, whether it’s a ruler or a random piece of colored paper! Getting them something practical like a bookmark means they’re more likely to use your gift, and they’ll see the message on the bookmark whenever they use it.


It’s a cheap and cheerful gift that no teacher would be sad to receive. Practical gifts are always a big hit with teachers, especially if it’s related to the work they do!


Teacher Appreciation Music Box


This teacher appreciation music box is one of the coolest and most unique gifts that you can get for a teacher. It has a thoughtful message engraved in the box, and the hand-cranked mechanism feels nostalgic to use. It plays a little classical jingle when used, and the construction and design is surprisingly good given the price.



Whether it’s a thank-you gift or a retirement gift for a teacher, this cute little music box is surprisingly unique when compared to the other gifts on this list. Music boxes aren’t typically this affordable, and they usually don’t come with thoughtful messages either!

And there you have it, folks! Our top Teacher Gifts Ideas to make any educator’s day a little brighter. If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect present, why not head over to It’s the ultimate tool for generating even more brilliant gift ideas. Happy gifting, and may your teacher’s smile be as big as their heart!

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