Gifts Ideas for Mothers-to-Be: Thoughtful & Pampering Essentials

Four women, one pregnant, smile together with gifts and flowers, showcasing mothers-to-be gifts ideas in a cheerful, celebratory setting

Finding the perfect gift for an expecting mom can be a delightful challenge. If you’re looking for mothers-to-be gifts ideas that are thoughtful and pampering, you’re in the right place! From cozy essentials to luxurious treats, we’ve rounded up the best picks to spoil the mom-to-be. Get ready to make her feel extra special during this exciting time. Let’s dive into some fun and heartwarming gift ideas that she’ll absolutely love!


Mom To Be Gift Ideas From The Dad

If your partner is pregnant, this is the most incredible journey that you will experience together. Of course, you want to spoil her, not least because her health and comfort are vital for the development of your baby. The following gifts will enable you to truly enjoy the final months of being two before you become three.


A Spa Getaway


No woman will be disappointed with a weekend of being pampered at a spa and hotel resort, and it is the perfect short break during pregnancy. It is a far more attractive prospect than a city break, especially if your partner is in the second or third trimester. The treatments will also make her feel more beautiful, which is a bonus at a time when her body is changing. Meanwhile, can help you find a token gift to present to her while you’re away together.


Labor & Postpartum Recovery Kit


Above all else, the mom to be wants to know that you are there to support her. A postpartum recovery kit shows that you are proactively taking action to make childbirth a little easier. The Frida kit is a firm favorite that includes a nursing gown, delivery socks, four pairs of disposable underwear, cooling pad liners, maxi pads, an upside down peri bottle, and healing foam. It comes in a carry case for convenience too. Giving her this long before the due date is highly advised as it will put her nerves at ease.


Gifts From Bump



Whether it’s your partner’s birthday, Mother’s Day or another occasion doesn’t matter. Getting her a gift from your unborn child will make her day. A personalized mug with a photo of the baby scan is a wonderful option. Alternatively, plaques and keyrings are available. It only has to be a small keepsake to make a huge difference in her life. If nothing else, it’ll take the excitement levels to new heights. It can be followed with a new gift once baby arrives for an even greater impact.


Thoughtful Mom To Be Gifts Ideas


Having a baby is an emotional time for any woman, and she will certainly appreciate the people around her at this time. Thoughtful mom to be gifts ideas are, therefore, a fantastic choice that she will remember for a very long time to come. Here are some of the very best presents to consider for this special occasion. 


Promptly Journals


Many new moms will be guilty of experiencing “baby brain”, and it could be months before the situation resolves itself. Journals are a great way for them to stay organized and avoid forgetting things. Meanwhile, the My Postpartum Journal is particularly useful as it encourages self-care and underlines the fact that she must not forget herself. It may seem like a small token gesture, but it can have a huge influence on her life throughout the first year of parenthood.




Flowers for a mom to be are a great gift for many reasons. They are just for her. They make her happier at this crucial time. And they can be immediately enjoyed. Flowers USA allows you to order stunning selections and have them delivered directly to the recipient. You can find a suitable solution regardless of your relationship with the pregnant woman, making this one of the best mom to be gifts ideas. It should also be noted that there will be options for virtually all budgets.


Nipple Butter


If you’re a mother yourself, you know exactly how uncomfortable breastfeeding can be. Nipple butter will make life easier for the new mom while also being 100% safe for her baby. It may be a product that she hasn’t even heard about. However, it will change her life throughout the early months of motherhood. Nursing shirts and supportive garments are great too. Nonetheless, having the right nipple butter provides the key to greater comfort as a breastfeeding mother.


Funny Mom To Be Gifts Ideas


When looking at gifts for a friend who is expecting a baby, injecting a little humor often works well. These gifts for mom to be ideas hit the sweet spot of being funny yet sentimental and celebratory of this magical moment. As well as being suitable for friends, colleagues may enjoy these ideas. 


Gifts With Quotes


A quote related to motherhood can make a gift funny and personal. T-shirts, mugs, and keyrings are readily available online. They make excellent gifts from friends, siblings, and colleagues. Meanwhile, partners looking for funny new mom gifts that are personal to your relationship may opt for these humorous candles. You know her type of humor, which should provide inspiration for mothers to be gifts ideas. There’s nothing quite like making her smile with something that can become a keepsake for years to come.


Parenting Survival Guide


The Parenting Survival Guide by Emma and Joshua is a lighthearted gift that will get a laugh. However, it is actually packed with useful tips, albeit presented in a humorous tone. It is one of the simplest new mom gifts ideas while it also doubles up as a present for the father. There are other funny books on the market, but this is the one that we would pick as the best of the bunch. Amidst the stress of parenthood, the book is a welcomed break that still delivers the answers that they crave.




New mothers will encounter stressful moments, but having a pair of squeezable testicles to take it out can make a difference. While they might not be something that they want to keep around the house when the baby grows older, they are among the best mothers to be gifts ideas. They are a silly little gift that should make her laugh, especially if presented at the baby shower. Frankly, the father will probably get a lot of fun out of the gift too. Or you could buy him some stress boobs instead.


Mom To Be Gift Ideas: Baby Essentials 


For most moms to be, the sense of excitement is blended with a sense of uncertainty and self-doubt. This is largely attributed to the fact that they feel unorganized. As such, baby essentials that help them prepare for motherhood are ideal. You could ask what she needs, but the following ideas are sure to be well received. 


Baby Monitor


When looking at baby tech, a lot of products aren’t worthwhile. However, the Babysense MaxView Baby Monitor is an essential feature that every parent will love. It has clear audio and video while also allowing parents to soothe their baby via talkback facilities. It is very useful when mom is trying to complete tasks while baby naps, and even more effective once the little angel moves from mom’s room into their own room after a few months. The robust model will last throughout infancy. 


Vests & Babygrows


Babies go through a lot of clothes and can have enough vests. Next baby clothes combine quality with cute designs. Having more vests and babygrows will remove some of the pressure on mom’s shoulders regarding laundry, which is ideal. However, it should be noted that babies grow very fast and a lot of people may opt for newborn clothes. Choosing vests that are aged 3-6 months may be a more practical solution that additionally stands out, and saves mom from a lot of extra shopping just weeks after childbirth.


Hooded Towel 


If you’re looking for a gift that’s both practical and cute, hooded towels that feature animal designs are the perfect choice. This Miss Fox towel for baby girls is a great example, but you can find many other cute designs for boys too. The hooded towel will be a firm favorite with baby thanks to the comfort it offers while mom (and dad) will love how cute their baby looks. It’s also one of the baby essentials that parents often overlook until after their baby’s arrival. Even if they have one, a second hood towel will get used.


New Mom Gift Ideas From The Dad


As a new father, your partner has given you the best gift of all. So, it’s only right that you should show your love and appreciation with an epic present. Check out the following best gifts ideas for new mums from husbands or boyfriends, and you should feel confident about your next purchase.


Family Jewelry 


Jewelry is a great gift for her on any occasion. However, jewelry that celebrates her new role of motherhood will feel extra special. An engravable pendant that features baby feet and a birthstone is particularly personal. Alternatively, you could choose a locket that contains a photo of your family. Bracelet charms engraved with “mom” are great while mother and daughter bangles are another. Select an item that matches her usual style and you won’t go wrong.


Personalized Spotify Plaque


Music is both powerful and emotional. The song that your partner sings to your baby will be one that sticks with you forever. An acrylic plaque that features a personalized photo and a scannable area that takes you directly to the song is the ultimate gift to celebrate what makes your household special. The moments you share together with the simplicity of singing to your baby is a truly magical part of parenting. This gift for new moms will take it to the next level.


Matching Clothes 


As well as the deep connection with your baby, mothers often feel closer to their partners. Matching clothes are a fun and cute idea for new mom gifts, not least because you get to treat your little angel too. Matching pajamas are a great option, especially when they tie in with the holiday season when you come to purchase them. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other matching attire options are available too. Mom and baby gifts are great, but you will gain something extra special if you get involved too.


New Mom Gift Ideas From Mom’s Parents


Becoming grandparents is immensely exciting for you, and you want to spoil your daughter at this magical time in her life. Whether looking for luxury new mom gifts or want to give something sentimental, there are several great options available. Here are some of the best for your consideration:


Family Tree Photo Frame


New moms will naturally spend a lot of time in the home, and any gift that makes it a more welcoming atmosphere will be welcomed. A family tree photo frame will make a lovely touch as it celebrates the welcome of the newest addition while also honoring the extended family member. Of course, it is a product that the new mom will use to teach their child about the family once they get a little older. As a sentimental gift that connects you, your daughter, and your grandchild, this is a wonderful option.


Food Subscription Services


As a parent, you need to know that your daughter is feeding herself as well as your grandchild, not least if your daughter is breastfeeding. Treating her to a Hello Fresh subscription for the first few months of motherhood could make a fantastic gift for a new mom. It makes healthy eating convenient while also dramatically reducing her food bill. Given that her family now encounters a lot of extra bills due to having a child, this will be hugely appreciated.




Throughout your daughter’s pregnancy, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking back at old photos. Gifting her a new camera will allow her to capture magical memories over the years to come. While the smartphone snaps are great, beautiful photos taken from a digital SLR can’t be beaten. The quality will be perfect for future prints and canvas art. Learning to use the camera is a lot of fun and is sure to fill her with some excitement, even if free time is hard to come by.


New Mom Gift Ideas: Pampering Gifts For Her


It’s only natural that loved ones will focus on the new arrival, but new moms deserve attention too. After the physical and mental strain her body has been through, pampering essentials make an excellent choice. Again, you could ask her for her favorites, but surprising her with any of the following will raise an extra smile:


Pampering Set


Beauty sets like the Me Time package from Baskits are perfect as they are a gift solely dedicated to the new mom. In this instance, it includes chocolate truffles as well as classic beauty items like face masks and soaps. Candles also set the mood for a truly relaxed bathing experience that will leave her feeling like a new woman and looking like her old self. She will be eternally grateful, making it one of the very best new mom gifts ideas. Or you could handmake a basket from her known favorites.


Chocolates & Wine


After not drinking for nine months, cracking open a bottle of wine for the first time will help the new mom relax. You can couple this with an engraved wine glass to celebrate their journey into motherhood. It’s likely that they won’t have much of an evening social life for at least a little while, so the home supplies will work wonders. Of course, chocolates and other sweet treats can be added to the mix. Whether she tucks into them on a date night or after a stressful day, her appreciation is guaranteed. 


Luxury Robe


Let’s face it; the robe worn prior to pregnancy may feel a little tighter after becoming a mom while the budget-friendly robe that she wears daily will be covered with baby vomit and dirt. Treating her to a luxury robe like a Classic Turkish Cotton Robe from Parachute could be one of the smartest new mom gifts ideas. When she eventually gets some time to relax, life will feel far better with the comforting robe around her while it will additionally provide a reminder of your friendship.


Gifts Ideas For New Mum: Presents To Capture The Moment


Becoming a parent is the most magical experience in any woman’s life, and any gift that captures this moment in time will be gratefully received. It could be something that commemorates the date of their child’s birth, or a present focused on an experience during the baby’s infancy. Here are some ideas:


Family Photoshoot


Paying for a family photo shoot isn’t only a wonderful choice for moms. It’s also one of the best gifts for new dads. Photographers who specialize in baby photoshoots will help keep the new arrival calm while also getting some truly beautiful snaps of the family together. Paying for the studio time and the photo files is a great gift, not least because images can be printed with services like Snapfish. Or you could go the extra mile by paying for the photographer’s prints or canvases. Either way, it’s best to pay for the service but let mom pick the date.


Baby Footprint Kit


The feet of a baby are exceptionally cute and you’ll often hear parents of older children say “Do you remember how tiny his/her feet were?”, well now they can. The Bubzi Co air-drying clay baby handprint and footprint kit photo keepsake frame is a brilliant example that creates a mold of the baby’s hand and foot. When displayed with two photos of the baby, the frame is sure to take pride in the home. This makes it one of the very best gifts ideas for new mums as it can be cherished for years to come.


Photo Blanket


Photo blankets printed with Shutterfly signal a popular gift idea in many situations but make an exceptional choice for new moms. Whether it’s a collage of photos of the family together or a single photo of mom with baby, it is a gift that she will love. Aside from the warm feelings that it brings, this type of product is one that she will use on a daily basis. After all, there will be a lot of time spent on the sofa rocking baby off to sleep or trying to catch a nap once their little angel has rested their head.


And there you have it! These mothers-to-be gifts ideas are sure to make any expecting mom feel pampered and appreciated. From cozy essentials to luxurious treats, these picks are perfect for her. For even more thoughtful suggestions, visit and find the ideal gift to celebrate her journey!

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