Ideas for Engagement Gifts: Unique Picks for Happy Couples

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Finding the perfect engagement gift can be a challenge, but don’t worry! We’ve gathered the best ideas for engagement gifts that are unique and memorable. Whether you’re aiming for sentimental or fun, our picks will make the happy couple even happier. Dive in and get inspired!


Classic Engagement Gifts Ideas


As with a wedding gift, it’s now become traditional to give your friends a little something special when they get engaged. This is the best way to congratulate the happy couple and wish them well for the wedding preparations ahead. Classic engagement gifts ideas that can make great go-to’s for every special couple in your life include – 


A Personalized Painting


Commissioning a personalized painting of the special couple is a great way to memorialize their engagement. This is especially true if that painting depicts something like the proposal itself, or the happy couple with their wedding rings on full display. You can commission this personalized painting from an artist if you have the budget, or use digital imaging if you want to keep costs down. Then, have this picture framed professionally to ensure your gift has a wow factor. 


A Bottle of Champagne


Engagements are all about celebrations, so a special bottle of champagne is sure to go down well. You could even invest in a set of champagne bottles to keep the couple celebrating right up to the big day. The best part about this gift is that you can spend as much or as little as you’re intending to budget, and still end up with a pretty impressive gift. You could even pair that bottle of champagne with a set of personalized champagne flutes that mark this engagement for years to come. 


A Ring Dish 


And engagement ring is the main attraction of any engagement, and is the first thing anyone will ask to see when they hear the couple’s happy news. So, why not give a gift that keeps that ring safe? A ring dish is an affordable, thoughtful engagement gift that you can easily personalize with the couple’s initials, engagement date, or the date of their wedding. This gift also has the benefit of lasting for a long time to come considering that the couple will soon have wedding rings to think about, as well. 


A Wedding Countdown


A wedding countdown can make a fun and useful engagement gift. You could either gift a traditional countdown calendar or a chalkboard-style countdown with the names of the happy couple engraved on it. Or, you could do things a little differently with a date night calendar, which both counts down the days until the wedding, and provides the happy couple with little activities to make sure they spend plenty of quality time together during the wedding prep madness. 


A Romantic Weekend Away


It’s become traditional to give money as a wedding gift to help towards a couple’s honeymoon, and you could approach your engagement gift in much the same way. A romantic weekend away can be the ideal relaxing couple’s treat before a pretty stressful wedding countdown. Simply think about relaxing romantic settings, like a weekend away at a hotel in a remote location, or even a spa weekend with things like a couple’s massage and plenty of time in the jacuzzi. 


Meaningful Ideas for Engagement Gifts


A meaningful engagement gift is one of the best ways to celebrate a couple’s love before their marriage. These are gifts that can show that couple how much they mean to you, and can also celebrate their love in the best ways. There are some great meaningful ideas for engagement gifts to consider, and we’ll look at some of the best options here. 


A Couple’s Photo Album


While you know that a professional wedding photographer will take care of pictures on any couple’s big day, there’s not often a designated photographer for an engagement. Putting together a couple’s photo album of either romantic snaps pre-engagement, or pictures of something like an engagement party or proposal weekend, can be a really meaningful way to celebrate this occasion. Make this gift extra special by arranging these photos in a personalized album that includes the couple’s initials, or an engagement date, on the cover for longevity. 


An Engagement Plant


An engagement is just the start of a journey that will hopefully see a couple’s love flourish and grow over the years. By gifting them an engagement plant, you can provide them with a literal representation of their love. Something like an engagement tree can be especially romantic, as the couple can plant this outside their home, and watch it grow as their love does. If you choose a tree that flowers each year, or even a fruit tree, this is also a gift that can keep on giving for the entirety of that couple’s marriage. 


A Handmade Engagement Gift


Handmade engagement gifts are some of the most meaningful you can give, and there are some great options to choose from. A framed engagement cross stitch or embroidery is an especially popular choice, as this is sure to travel with the happy couple from one home to another. Equally, something like a fun wedding prep hamper filled with sweet treats, alcohol, and wedding planning magazines could add some much-needed light relief to the coming months! 


Wedding Vow Workbooks


A wedding vow workbook or notepad is a great engagement gift for any couple planning to write their own meaningful vows. As well as providing a space to play around with what they intend to say, a wedding vow workbook will include useful tips and advice on how to write the most romantic vows possible. 


Affordable Gifts Ideas for Engagement


Given that you’ll also need to get the happy couple a wedding gift sometime soon, you might not want to spend a fortune on your engagement gift. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable ideas for engagement party gifts that will still go down a treat. Keep your budget in check with these engagement gifts ideas. 


Matching Mugs


A set of matching his and her mugs can be a fun, affordable engagement gift that’s sure to get plenty of use. This is an especially great option if you know a couple who both love coffee or other hot drinks. Make this gift even more special by adding personalized elements to each mug, such as funny pet names or couple’s pictures. 


Engagement Cookies


Everyone loves a cookie, and a tin of special or even personalized engagement cookies is an affordable sweet treat that any couple is sure to love. You can rest assured that this unique gift will stand apart from most of the other gifts on the engagement table, making this an affordable, but memorable choice that puts a smile on the happy couple’s faces. 


A Ring-Cleaning Kit


Why not mark this special occasion with a ring-cleaning kit that’s sure to go to good use? Every engagement has rings in common, after all, and with that ring on display throughout the engagement and beyond, any couple will want to keep it sparkling and clean. This gift needn’t cost you the earth, but it’s something that you can be sure they’ll use regularly, even though it’s something a couple might not think to buy for themselves. 


An Engagement Candle


Engagement candles are the perfect affordable engagement gifts ideas, especially if you choose options with romantic sayings or personalized additions. You could even give the happy couple a calendar candle to count down to their big day, ensuring well-scented wedding planning at all times. Or, you could gift them a beautifully designed set of mini candles to decorate their first home together. 


Prosecco and Chocolates


You don’t need to splash out on champagne to help a couple celebrate their engagement. A prosecco and chocolate gift is an equally great way to celebrate the occasion with bubbles but for half the cost. You could make this even more special by presenting it in a personalized box or bucket, along with a champagne flute or two to get the party started. 


Couple’s Experience Engagement Party Gifts Ideas


An engagement is an undeniably exciting time, but it’s followed by what can be some pretty stressful months of wedding planning. During this time, it’s not unusual for couples to struggle to make time for one another. Make sure that this engagement is different by gifting them a couple’s experience at the very start of their engagement, which they can use as soon as they start missing each other. 


A Spa Break 


A spa break can be just the thing to help a couple reconnect and relax amidst the madness of wedding planning. Make this a particularly good gift by including specific couple’s treatments when you book, such as a joint massage or facial. If you’ve got a little budget to spare, you could even order a bottle of champagne for their room to make this feel like a real engagement celebration. 


Couple’s Dance Classes


With a wedding on the horizon, the engaged couple will need to start preparing for their first dance. That’s why couple dance classes make great engagement gift ideas for friends. You could book a few sessions at a specific first dance school if you have one local to you. Or, you could go all out with something like salsa classes that will have them both mastering the dancefloor in no time. 


Joint Cooking Lessons


A couple should enter marriage on an even footing, and that starts with the roles they play in the home. Joint cooking lessons can help to make sure that both parties can cook a romantic meal, as well as putting vital skills like patience and problem-solving to the test. All of which can only make that couple’s marriage stronger. 


A Mystery Picnic Experience


Picnics are a romantic go-to for any couple. They’re a great way to encourage even busy couples to slow down and enjoy each other’s company in a stunning setting with good food. Mystery picnic experiences take that to the next level, with a magical pre-packed picnic hamper, left in a surprise location that the engaged couple can only reach by working together to solve a set of clues. This can be a lot of fun and is a great option for a couple hoping to relax just as the wedding planning starts to get on top of them.


A Hot Air Balloon Ride


Hot air balloon rides can be so romantic that a lot of people choose to propose this way in the first place. But, even if that ship has sailed, a hot air balloon can be a fantastic way to celebrate an engagement. Twilight hot air balloon rides are especially romantic, and you could make this better by choosing a package that includes a bottle of bubbly, or even a picnic hamper that will help make this an experience to remember. 


Cute Ideas for Engagement Gifts for the Home


Just like with a wedding, engagement gifts ideas for the home are a traditional option. This can work especially well if an engaged couple doesn’t yet live together, or have just moved into their first home. Even if that’s not the case, most couples would appreciate any of these thoughtful home-based engagement gifts. 


A Dinner Set


A dinner set is a wedding gift go-to, and it’s also a great idea for a memorable engagement gift. A designer dinner set is an especially great gift for any dinner parties that a couple might plan to have in the future. Equally, a basic dinner set can be a great gift for a couple who are just moving in together, or plan to do so after their wedding. 


A Wooden Chopping Board


A wooden chopping board is a stunning home addition that can last a couple for many, many years. As such, a quality wooden chopping board makes a fantastic engagement gift and can be personalized to include details like that couple’s names or initials. It’s also worth including an engagement date, as this will help the couple to remember just how long your gift has lasted when they look back in years to come. 


Glassware Sets


Much like dinner sets, glassware sets make great engagement gifts. You could stick to the celebratory theme by gifting a set of champagne flutes, or go more general with a complete home glassware set for a newly moved couple. Colored glassware is also an increasingly popular choice, and you could pair this with something like a couple’s intended wedding color scheme to make it a much more meaningful engagement gift. 


Quality Wool Blankets


Engagement is all about a commitment to keep one person warm forever. Why not make this task easier with a quality wool blanket engagement gift? This is ideal for couples who live in cold climates, but it’s a gift that’s sure to get good use from pretty much any engaged couple. Simply make sure that this blanket is big enough for both parties to fit under, and this will surely be a snuggly, romantic gift that they love. 


Kitchen Appliances


If an engaged couple hasn’t lived together long or has yet to move in, then kitchen appliances can be incredibly useful engagement gifts. Options like coffee machines are especially popular with coffee-loving couples, or you could make their cooking lives easier with a high-power blender. Equally, air fryers are a modern kitchen go-to that’s sure to come in handy during even the most manic wedding countdown. 


Personalized Engagement Gifts Ideas


An engagement should be all about the couple in question, meaning that personalized gifts for engagement party ideas will always go down well. Nowadays, you can have almost anything personalized if you want to, but some great personalized ideas for engagement gifts include – 


A Personalized Book


Every romance story is different. Why not collect the facts of this couple’s romance, or even just their engagement, and use those details to personalize their very own book? You can even now personalize books with avatars that look just like the happy couple, ensuring that this is a touching story they read time and again, and share with any future children or grandchildren. 


Personalized Homewares


Personalized homeware, which could include cutlery sets, glassware, or even complete dinner sets, makes a great engagement gift. Not only are these fantastic for helping a couple build a home, but they’re also sure to become meaningful heirlooms that are a constant reminder of this happy time. You could go all out with engravings of that couple’s names, or keep this subtle with their initials. You could even simply personalize homewares like these with their future married name, to ensure this gift lasts for a long time. 


A Personalized Key Holder


A key holder is a handy piece of kit in any home, and a personalized key holder can be a moving and meaningful engagement gift regardless of how long two people have lived together. If you know a couple is planning to expand their family after marriage, invest in a key holder with a few extra pegs for those additional members, and personalize using what will become the family’s married name to ensure this addition’s relevance well into the future. 


A Personalized Pocket Ring Holder


Keeping an engagement ring safe is of paramount importance, and you can make this job easier by gifting the happy couple a personalized pocket ring holder. Best engraved with the couple’s names and their intended wedding date (or their engagement date if they don’t yet have one), this is an incredibly handy piece of kit. By keeping the engagement ring safe during gym sessions or other daily tasks on the go, this gift can also help to keep couples living in harmony and save arguments about things like lost or damaged rings at any stage. If you buy a large ring holder that can fit an additional wedding ring in the future, this gift can also last the couple well into their married lives.


Wedding Preparation Engagement Gifts Ideas


Ultimately, an engagement leads up to a wedding, and it can be good to tie this into your engagement gift. There are some great wedding preparation engagement gifts ideas, including –


A Wedding Planner Journal


A wedding planner journal is a fantastic engagement gift that can make the entire leadup to a couple’s wedding a little bit easier on both parties. A quality wedding planner journal should include things like guest lists, seating plans, and venue planning to help keep wedding prep in check. You could even write a few personalized notes here, such as your own wedding RSVP, to get things started. 


A Wedding Fund Box


Weddings aren’t cheap, and most couples could benefit from a wedding fund box engagement gift that helps to save towards this goal. There are some great wedding fund boxes to choose from, and you could make the first donation as part of your engagement gift. Equally, you could gift a honeymoon fund box for the happy couple, to ensure they’re able to jet away and start their marriage in the right setting. 


A Tasting Session


Good food is a big part of any wedding, and booking a tasting session with the happy couple’s favorite local caterer could be a great help. As well as giving them a tasty, classy day out, this could result in a fully ordered wedding menu that the couple hasn’t needed to think about once. Simply consider their tastes, and think about any caterers that they’ve used in the past, or have shown an interest in. Then, make sure this is a meal to remember by paying for extras, like glasses of champagne, or dessert courses. 


A Coffee Subscription


A coffee subscription for the months leading up to the big day is sure to go down well amongst coffee-loving couples who may need to stay up late more than once to get everything done. Most coffee subscriptions are available in either whole bean or freshly ground packages, depending on the couple’s preferences and current coffee-making equipment. Make this an especially good gift by choosing a package that also includes a sweet treat like a chocolate bar each month. You could also begin this gift subscription by giving the couple a special cafetiere, or even a coffee machine, to ensure they can make the most of every delivery. 


Choosing the right engagement gift is all about celebrating love and joy. With these unique picks, you’re sure to make the happy couple’s day extra special. Need more inspiration? Head over to for endless ideas and make every celebration unforgettable!

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