Family Gifts Ideas: Perfect Presents for Every Member

Finding the perfect gift for each family member can be a challenge, but our Family Gifts Ideas have you covered! From mom to the little ones, these presents are sure to bring joy and smiles. Get ready to become the ultimate gift-giving champion of your family!


Go-To Family Gift Ideas

Whether Christmas is coming up, or you’re preparing for a special someone’s birthday, there’s no better feeling than finding the ideal gift for every member of your family. But what are the go-to family gifts ideas that everyone’s sure to love?


A Subscription Box


A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and it’s something that you tailor to pretty much anyone in your family. Subscription boxes now come in all shapes and sizes, from a wine subscription through to a beauty box or even a meal subscription kit for any hard-working family chef. Simply set this up so that the first box arrives before the big day, and watch your chosen family member light up when they see how thoughtful you’ve been.


A Day Out



Most of us spend far less time with our families than we would like, so a day out is a great gift, especially if you buy an extra ticket to share the experience. Tailor this day to whatever you know that family member loves. Perhaps they’d go wild for concert tickets of their favorite musical artist, or would they prefer a trip to the theater? You could even book yourself something like a skydive, which is guaranteed to be one of those unique family gifts ideas that they’ll remember for a lifetime. 


Engraved Jewelry


Engraved jewelry is a luxurious gift option, complete with a special message to make it more meaningful. You can tailor this to every member of your family – perhaps a watch for dad and a bracelet for mom? Think hard about a message that would mean the most to them, whether that’s their favorite quote or piece of poetry or a saying that you often share. Equally, just their initials could be a lovely touch on an already special piece of jewelry. 


Homemade Gifts


Homemade gifts are some of the most meaningful you can give, and they also have the benefit of being completely customizable to your chosen family member. No matter your crafting skill level, there’s sure to be something you could make, whether that’s a scrapbook filled with fun family photos or a hand-knit sweater that they’re sure to wear and cherish for many years. Simply consider what you’re capable of, your timeframe, and which homemade gift you think your chosen family member would appreciate most. 


A Gift Card


Gift cards can seem like a rushed option, but this can also be a great meaningful gift that makes sure of something your family member will love if you get it right. Always be sure to invest in gift cards from their favorite store, and personalize your card if you can. It’s also now possible to buy gift cards for their favorite restaurant, or something from an online store if you think they’d like that better. Then, include a receipt to let them know how much they have to spend, and they’ll be free to buy something you probably couldn’t have picked out. 


Personal Gift Ideas 

No one knows us better than our families, which is why personalized family gift ideas can always go down well. As well as making gifts more meaningful, getting personal ensures the suitability of almost any gift. And, there are loads of different ways to personalize these days. 


Personalized Wall Art


There are now all manner of options for creating personalized wall art that could include anything from a name and a saying of your choice, to personalized brain clouds, and even family photos. Any of these can be great gifts for a family member and can provide a comforting family addition to their home when professionally framed. 


Personalized Accessories


You can now personalize pretty much any accessory you can think of, and this is a great way to make even a small present special. For instance, adding your gym-loving brother’s name to a water bottle or gym bag can show that you’ve really thought about this gift. Equally, you could personalize a keychain for your car-loving dad. Personalized jewelry can also be a great option if you’re working with a slightly larger budget. 


Personalized Clothing


Either making or buying personalized clothing can be a lot of fun, and it can make for some great outfits for the person in question. Printing a family portrait onto something like a sweatshirt or underwear set is a great and humorous gift option. Or, you could invest in matching personalized Christmas sweaters as a great family Christmas gifts idea. Something more subtle, like having your family member’s initials or pet name embroidered onto an item of clothing, could also work well. 


Personalized Toys



The kids in your family are sure to appreciate personalized toys made just for them, and there are plenty of options for all ages. Even if you have a baby in the family, something like a wooden rattle that’s personalized with their name could become a real keepsake. For older kids, you could customize a teddy with their name or initials, buy them a custom puzzle, or even get them something like a wooden train that you’ve customized with their name. At that age, this will feel magical, and make this gift one of the most special things they receive. 


Luxury Family Gifts Ideas


If a family member has a big birthday coming up, or you want to make a splash with their gift, luxury gift ideas are a great option. While you will need a larger budget for these, they tend to be gifts that almost always go down well. 


A Luxury Trip


A luxury trip can be a great way to mark milestone birthdays or thank a member of your family for any reason. Trips like this are also great go-tos if you’re looking for exciting, stand-out family gift ideas for Christmas. If you think your family member would enjoy a weekend trip abroad, book their hotel, flights, and any transport. If you have the budget for it and know there’s something they would enjoy, you could also book a few excursions. Or, book a staycation somewhere close to home that you know they’ve always wanted to visit. 


A Spa Day


A spa day is a special luxury that your family members might not buy for themselves, making this a great special gift to give. Whether you book a day trip or a weekend at a spa hotel, look at booking tickets that include treatments you know your family member would love, like a couples massage, a facial, a pedicure, or all of the above. If there’s an option to do so, it’s also worth including things like food and drinks in your ticket price, to turn this into a truly spectacular gifted trip. 


Custom Jewelry


Jewelry is always a great luxury gift for all members of your family. Your mom is certain to appreciate something like a custom diamond necklace, while your dad or brother would likely love a luxury custom watch. These make great gifts for key birthdays, such as an 18th, 40th, or 60th. You can make this gift even more special by adding an engraved message of your choosing. 


A New Piece of Technology


Technology-based gifts like a new laptop or phone are increasingly expensive, making them perfect luxury gifts for any member of your family. Gaming consoles are also be a popular option, and are great birthday or Christmas gifts ideas for families with young kids, or keen adult gamers. When buying tech, make sure you know what pieces of equipment that person already has, to ensure that you buy a compatible addition they’ll love. 


Unisex Ideas for Family Gifts


Family unisex gifts ideas can simplify your life by working for every member of your family. These can make great group or individual gifts depending on your needs and the occasion. The best unisex ideas for family gifts include – 


Blankets and Home Furnishings


Home furnishings make fantastic unisex gifts that any recipient will love, and could include blankets, duvet covers, or dinner sets. Simply consider your family member’s home styling and color choices to make sure that your gift will be a good fit. Try to buy home furnishing that you know your family member doesn’t have, or that they’ve specifically expressed an interest in at some point. 


Board Games or Puzzles


Board games and puzzles are very much back in style, and they make great unisex gifts that can also be a lot of fun for everyone else. Board games are particularly great as Christmas gifts ideas for family members, as they give you all something to do on those long Christmas afternoons. Equally, something like a personalized puzzle, or a puzzle that you’ve picked with your family member’s hobbies in mind, could be ideal for Christmas, birthdays, and beyond. 


Chocolates or Sweets


If one of your family members has a sweet tooth, chocolates or sweets make perfect unisex family gifts ideas that will always hit the right note. Make this a special gift with something like handcrafted chocolates from a local store, or a sweet subscription service that keeps the sweet jar stocked for a long time. You could even try your hand at making some chocolates or sweets yourself using jelly or chocolate molds, and special wrapping that adds a wow factor. 


Stationery Sets


Everyone loves stationery, and most of us could always use more of it. Stationery sets that can be as lavish as you like are, therefore, always a great gift option. Depending on your family member’s preferences, you could include special pen sets, letter writing sets, or even just a set of nicely designed pads. There are also stationery subscription services available, and you can typically have stationery customized if you think that would add something to this gift. 




Books make great gifts for every occasion, and you can typically tailor them to any member of your family. If you have a family bookworm, then you could buy them a new book from their favorite author, or a book that you’d recommend in a genre they love. If a family member doesn’t often read, then something like a manual for a hobby they’d love to take up, or a cookbook with a cuisine they love could also work. Equally, coffee table books that may include photographs or artwork can make spectacular gifts for art lovers. 


Humorous Family Gifts Ideas

Sometimes, you just want to make a family member laugh. Humorous gifts can be a great nod to inside jokes or just a family member’s great sense of humor. Fantastic humorous gift ideas include – 


Custom Face Socks


Make your family members laugh every time they open their underwear drawer with custom face socks that could feature you pulling a funny face, or even a snap of their much-loved pet. These are great options for parents, siblings, and beyond, and could also make great stocking filler ideas for family Christmas gifts. You could even make this a tradition, and give that family member a different pair of custom socks for each birthday or Christmas until they have a sock set that includes every member of your family! 


Comedy Mugs


Coffee and tea-loving members of your family are sure to appreciate a comedy mug that makes them laugh each time they open the cupboard. Personalized comedy mugs can be especially great, and may either include your family member’s name in a preexisting joke or include an inner joke that you and your chosen family member share. There’s also a great range of pre-printed comedy mugs out there to suit every hobby and comedy style you could imagine. 


Funny Books


There are plenty of humorous coffee table books out there, and these make great affordable gifts, or small stocking fillers, for any family member. These books cover a wide range of topics, including funny pug pictures, poo guides, and even albums of awkward family photos that you could all laugh at. Just pick a book that you know suits your family member’s sense of humor, and get ready to see them cry laughing. 


Comedy Accessories


Comedy accessories are always fun, and there are plenty of options to choose from to tickle any family member of your choosing. Popular comedy accessories include poo emoji pens, sloth plant holders, and even bathroom freshening tablets or candles. You could even buy your toilet-humored brother or dad a comedy toilet roll or toilet roll holder. Make all of these gifts even funnier by looking for customizable options that allow you to input family member names and references that only they’ll understand. 


Experience-Based Family Gifts 


Experiences make great family gifts ideas and can help your recipient create some truly lasting memories. There are experience-based gift options for almost any taste or hobby, and the most popular options include – 


Evening Classes or Courses


Has your dad always wanted to learn how to cook? Has your mom been talking about her desire to dance for more years than you can remember? Gifting an evening class or course is a fantastic way to help your family members realize their unfulfilled dreams. There are courses in almost anything you can imagine, from pottery to cooking, through to all different kinds of dance, and even improvisation. You can book individual taster sessions, or gift a whole term or more of classes to bring your family member’s dreams to life at last. 


A Concert or Sporting Event


Booking tickets to a concert or sporting event is a great way to make memories for a family member, especially if you book an additional ticket and attend together. To get this right, consider things like musicians your family member loves, or whether their favorite sporting teams are due to play anywhere local. You could even book event tickets for a little further afield, and make a weekend of it with the additional gift of an overnight stay in a nice hotel nearby. 


Bucket List Experiences


Bucket list experiences like helicopter rides, skydives, and hot air balloon rides make great gifts for family members who are interested in completing these activities. This is an especially great gift because it’s something your family members probably wouldn’t get around to booking themselves. Yet, you can rest assured that they’ll have the experience of a lifetime and will leave their experience wondering why they didn’t do it sooner. 


A Five-Star Trip


A relaxing stay in a five-star hotel that’s either close to home or abroad is always a great gift to give. Your parents would certainly thank you if you gifted them this as a joint birthday or Christmas present. Equally, this could be a lovely gift for your brother or sister after they’ve had a particularly busy year. Make this even more special by being sure to book a hotel that enjoys on-site benefits like a spa, shopping area and plenty of restaurants or bars to choose from. 


An Experience Day


Experience day gifts are great because they take care of every element of your family member’s experience for one set fee. You can buy experiences for almost anything, including a fully catered city break, lessons in flying, driving, or more, and even hiking expeditions to spectacular locations. These are totally unique gift ideas that are unlike even other experience-based options because they tend to grant your family member expert guidance, structured day trips, and skills they’ll never have another chance to learn. 


Subscription Family Gifts Ideas


Subscriptions make great family gifts that can keep on giving way past their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. It’s now possible to buy subscriptions for every different taste, and ranging across periods as short as three months, through to a yearly subscription if you’re feeling generous. 


A Meal Subscription Kit


Never underestimate the gift of easy yet delicious food. Gifting a meal subscription kit to your sister when she has a young family, or your mom as a much-needed break for her birthday, can be a huge help. The simple meals in a meal subscription kit could also be a great way to help a keen family member learn a little more about cooking basics. It’s now possible to buy a meal subscription kit to fit almost any taste, including specialist vegan food, Indian or Asian cuisine, and a lot more depending on your family member’s preferences. 


A Beauty Subscription


Beauty subscriptions or self-care boxes provide your family members with monthly pampering products that could include makeup, bath bits, beauty accessories, and more. This is a fun way to try new products without buying a full-size version and could lead your family members to discover new favorite care items they’d never find otherwise. A beauty box is an especially great gift because few people would buy one for themselves, but most people would enjoy it. You could even buy a beauty-style subscription that might include things like beard oils for any man in your family. 


A Book-Based Subscription


Book-based subscriptions are great ideas for family Christmas gifts and a range of other occasions. Typically, these will see your family member receiving a book and related merchandise like bookmarks or stationery every month. There are new-release book subscriptions available, as well as second-hand book subscriptions, and book subscriptions for particular genres like fantasy or sci-fi. Most book-based subscriptions are available on a three-month, six-month, or yearly basis. 


Magazine Subscriptions


Magazine subscriptions are a classic choice, and they’re still a great option for family gift ideas that are uniquely suited to a recipient’s hobbies and interests. Most magazines will allow you to choose either a print or more affordable digital gift subscription to anything from a cycling magazine to one about pets. The majority of magazine subscriptions run for around a year, though some magazines are published monthly, while others are published four or fewer times a year. 


Wine Subscriptions


Wine subscriptions, or ‘wine clubs’, that furnish your family member with either a bottle or a case of wine each month are a lot of fun if you’re struggling for ideas. High-quality subscriptions often offer unique or rare vintage wines and should provide you with a choice of wine regions, as well as a selection of red, white, or rosé depending on what your family member likes. This is one of those family gifts ideas for Christmas that will see their wine cellar stocked well into next year. Or, you might like to gift this for their birthday to make sure they have a great time until their next one! 


Family Gifts Ideas for Every Family Member


It can be difficult to know the right gifts to buy for individual members of your family, but some great family gifts ideas for every family member include – 


Gift Ideas for Mom


Your mom is the head of your family, and she works hard to keep everything together. Give something back with great family gifts ideas for mom, like a personalized photo album filled with family snaps, or a spa break that forces her to put her feet up. You could also make her Christmas or birthday with an experience like a day trip booked for the two of you, or a handmade gift that you’ve crafted with her in mind. 


Gift Ideas for Dad


It’s always difficult to find the right gift for Dad, especially when he already has everything he could need. Luckily, there are some fantastic options that you can be sure he hasn’t thought of, including a subscription to his favorite after-work drink, a weekend away with his family, or a range of humorous gifts that are sure to get him laughing. He might not think he needs them right now, but trust us when we say he’ll be glad you went to the effort when he sees what your gift has in store! 


Gift Ideas for Brother


Brothers can be the bane of your gifting life, but there are plenty of great gift options to keep your brother happy next Christmas, birthday, and beyond. Personalized gadgets are especially great for fussy brothers, and could include custom phone speakers, a wireless keyboard mouse, or a fancy new headset for his favorite gaming console. Equally, tickets to sporting events that include his favorite teams will always go down well with a brother who has a sporty side. 


Gift Ideas for Sister



Make your daughter feel special with gifts that you select especially for her. Whether your sister is raising a small family or traveling the world alone, something like a beauty or meal subscription kit for her favorite cuisines is sure to go down well. Equally, she’ll probably love a piece of custom jewelry that you’ve chosen with her unique style in mind. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to gift her an experience like a spa day, which she’s sure to thank you for. 


Gift Ideas for the Children in Your Family



Buying great gifts for children can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what toys they already have. But, when kids are young, money in a card can feel like a cop-out. Replace that with great gifts that you can be pretty certain they don’t already have. This could include personalized gifts with their name or picture, such as a print-your-own puzzle, or something they can make themselves, like a newly released Lego kit, or a specific art set you know they’ll enjoy. 


Family Gifts Ideas by Occasion


You want to say something with the gifts you give, which is why it can sometimes pay to consider gifts that are best suited to a specific occasion. Some of our favorite occasion-based gifting ideas include – 


Birthday Ideas for Family Gifts


Whether your family member is celebrating a big birthday or just another year, you should aim to make birthday gifts unique, personal, and long-lasting. Jewelry is a great option for this, especially on a big birthday like a 40th, when you can use custom or engraved jewelry to mark the occasion. Birthdays are also the perfect time for homemade gifts that show you’ve thought hard about what that person might like. Why not make your mom a family-based scrapbook for her birthday, or paint and frame a picture to gift to your sibling? 


Christmas Gifts Ideas for Families


Christmas is a time for giving, but what should you buy for your family members? Stocking filler-style gifts are great for keeping costs down and providing unique gift ideas, such as customized underwear, funny accessories, or little hand-knitted items, like hats, scarves, and even socks. Equally, Christmas is a great time to give a gift subscription, as this will keep your family members fuelled with drinks, sweets, books, or whatever else you’ve bought them, for the year to come. 


Congratulatory Family Gifts Ideas


Do you want to congratulate a family member for something like a promotion at work, graduation, or another major lifetime achievement? Nothing says ‘well done’ like a well-chosen gift, which should aim to make something of this celebration. Experience-based gifts are particularly great for this and could include a champagne-filled trip away, or a gift card for a celebration meal at a michelin-starred restaurant. For major life achievements, like an award or graduation, something like an engraved piece of jewelry, or a commemorative ornament like a mantel clock, could also mark the occasion well. 


Thank You Gift Ideas for Family


Family members do a lot to help us, from having the kids so we can enjoy a night off, to helping us with DIY tasks around the house, and more. A gift is a great way to show your appreciation, and there are plenty of gift ideas that would fit this purpose. Again, excursion-based gifts are great for this purpose, especially if they help your family member to relax, like a pre-paid restaurant meal or a spa day. There are also plenty of one-off gift hampers, including self-care options, as well as more specific boxes for book lovers, tea lovers, and gamers, which you can send directly to your family member’s house with a note thanking them for whatever they’ve done. 

That’s it for our Family Gifts Ideas! These perfect presents will make everyone smile and earn you the title of best gift-giver. Looking for more ideas? Visit for even more amazing suggestions. Happy gifting, and may your family celebrations be filled with joy!

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