Employee Gifts Ideas: Appreciation Picks for Your Team

Looking for the perfect employee gifts ideas to show your appreciation? Whether it’s celebrating milestones, boosting morale, or just saying thanks, choosing the right presents for your team is essential. In this guide to employee gifts ideas, we’ll uncover unique and thoughtful options that are more than just material tokens—they’re a reflection of your genuine gratitude. From personalized goodies to practical picks, discover how to make your team feel valued and appreciated with every gift.


Inspirational Ballpoint Pens with Gift Boxes


Unleash the joy of writing with these snazzy ballpoint pens, encased in a sleek black and gold design that screams luxury. Not just your average pen, each one bears the motivational mantra, “Thank you for being awesome,” turning every scribble into a pep talk. Tucked inside a classy black box, these pens are more than just tools—they’re daily reminders for your team that they’re valued and truly awesome. Perfect for sparking inspiration with every stroke, these pens are a practical, yet chic way to show appreciation and keep spirits high in the office!


Appreciation Sticky Note Holder


Give the gift of organization with a twist! This leather sticky note holder isn’t just practical—it’s a mini pep rally for your desk. It comes equipped with a motivational quote to kickstart the day, a handy pen holder, and even a calendar inside the lid for those who can’t remember if it’s Monday or Friday. Plus, it’s stocked with a starter set of sticky notes, perfect for jotting down brilliant


Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook


Say goodbye to paper chaos and hello to the Rocketbook smart reusable notebook! This nifty gadget is the perfect sidekick for note-takers who love tech with a green twist. Scribble your thoughts or meeting notes like normal, then zap them into the cloud using a handy phone app. Made a mistake? No worries—just wipe it away with the included microfiber towel. Whether it’s for jotting down a quick shopping list or capturing brilliant ideas, this notebook could revolutionize your team’s workflow and even inspire eco-friendly habits. It’s not just a notebook; it’s a tiny step towards a cleaner planet!


Thank You Keychain


Brighten your team’s day without breaking the bank with these colorful silicone keychains, each bearing an uplifting message like “You make a difference” or “You are a key part of our team.” Not only do they add a pop of color to everyday items, but they’re also soft, durable, and incredibly handy for organizing work keys, USB drives, and other small gadgets. Perfect for keeping essentials in check, these keychains are a small but mighty way to show appreciation and boost morale. They’re not just functional—they’re mini cheerleaders for your employees’ daily grind!


Appreciation Cards


Jazz up any employee gift with these holographic appreciation cards! Each pack comes with 180 shiny, eye-catching cards in two styles, boasting fun messages like “You are awesome.” Not only do they look great, but they also provide a space on the back for personalized notes, perfect for expressing your gratitude. Whether attached to a gift or left as a surprise token of appreciation on a desk or in a locker, these cards are a fantastic way to make your team feel valued all year round. They’re not just cards; they’re your secret weapon for boosting morale and brightening days!


Assorted Jelly Beans


Who can resist a sweet treat during the grind? Our jelly bean packets are not just delicious—they come with a “thank you” on each pack, making them the perfect little perk-up for your team. With 20 assorted flavors, they’re a hit with everyone, including vegetarians and vegans! Whether it’s a part of a bigger gift bundle or a standalone snack during a busy day, these jelly beans from a reputable brand promise a burst of flavor that’s sure to bring smiles. Affordable and universally enjoyable, they’re an ideal way to sweeten the day for your hardworking crew!


Inspirational Mini Rubber Ducks


Brighten up the office with these hilarious mini rubber ducks, decked out in sunglasses and knitted caps! Each of the 24 ducks carries its own quirky charm and a printed message that’s sure to spread cheer. Packaged in adorable organza bags with an inspirational card, these ducks make a delightful little surprise. Perfect for the boss who loves a good laugh, these ducks can be personalized even further by swapping out the card messages with your own words. Match the duck cap colors to your team members’ personalities or favorite hues for a gift that’s as unique as they are. Get ready to quack up your team with joy!


Ways to Tell Employees They’re Stupid Planner

Inject some humor into the daily grind with this 52-week planner, perfect for the sarcastic souls at your office! Each page is peppered with snarky jokes and witty comments, guaranteeing a good laugh with every plan made. While it’s designed to tickle the funny bone, this planner also serves a serious purpose by helping organize tasks and notes. It’s the ideal combination of fun and functional, reminding your team to smile even on stressful days. Gift this to bring a little lightheartedness to the workplace, because who says planning needs to be all business?


Colorful Motivational Mini Stress Balls

Brighten up your team’s day and ease their stress with these vibrant motivational mini stress balls! Each colorful ball is emblazoned with encouraging phrases like “Hang in there”, “Be calm”, and “Take a deep breath”—perfect for those tense moments. Made from high-quality natural rubber and filled with fun-to-squeeze beads, these non-toxic and eco-friendly stress balls are not just a joy to play with but also a gentle nudge towards maintaining a healthier work-life balance. Whether gifted alone or as part of a gift bag, they’re an excellent way to promote relaxation and boost morale, reminding your team to pause and breathe amidst the hustle.


Funny Employee Coworker Socks

Looking for a way to add some laughs to the office? Check out these hilarious coworker socks! With cheeky sayings like “World’s Okayest Employee” and “I’m Retired, Do It Yourself,” they’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. These one-size-fits-all socks are crafted from a soft, high-quality cotton blend that ensures comfort and a bit of stretch. Beyond just being cozy footwear, these socks serve up humor and personality, lightening the mood and boosting morale. They offer a fun opportunity for your team to express their individuality and show off their unique style at work. Gift these socks to prove you’re not just any boss—you’re the cool boss!


Charcuterie Boards Gift Set

a Charcuterie board with snacks


Elevate your employee gifts with this luxurious charcuterie and cheese board set! Crafted from high-grade bamboo, its sturdy and elegant design offers ample space for an assortment of cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits. Presented in a beautiful gift box, it’s a sophisticated choice that goes beyond the typical office gift, expressing true appreciation for your team’s hard work.


More than just a gift, this charcuterie board encourages socializing and bonding. Perfect for sharing delicious treats at work breaks or team lunches, it fosters a sense of community and enhances workplace relationships. Gift this set and inspire memorable moments among coworkers, making every gathering a special occasion.


Natural Succulents New Employee Gift


Welcome new hires or show appreciation to your team with the delightful gift package from Natural Succulents! This thoughtfully assembled box is perfect for those times when you’re not quite sure what to gift. It includes a cozy pair of fuzzy socks, a stylish scrunchie, a relaxing bath bomb, a hand-poured soy candle complete with matches, and a soothing vanilla lip balm. There’s even a packet of instant hot cocoa for a comforting treat.


Packed in a charming box with a card you can personalize, this gift set ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s for a new employee or a valued team member, this gift package is a versatile and heartwarming choice that’s bound to make anyone feel welcomed and cherished.


Thank You Gift Candles

candles with thank you notes for Employee Gifts Ideas


Illuminate your employees’ days with the gift of candles! These long-lasting candles come in six soothing scents—sandalwood, white peach, rose, gardenia, lime, and lavender—allowing you to personalize the aroma to suit each team member’s taste. Each candle is presented in a quaint box with a customizable label for a personal touch.


Beyond their beauty, these candles create an ambiance of warmth and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Whether used to enhance a cozy nook at home or to bring a touch of calm to a home office, these scented candles serve as a luxurious treat, melting away stress and beautifying any environment. Gift these candles to show your appreciation and help your team find their sanctuary.


We hope these employee gifts ideas inspire you to show your appreciation in unique and thoughtful ways. Still looking for more employee gifts Ideas. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Ask for a treasure trove of employee gifts ideas that are sure to delight and inspire your team. Whether you’re celebrating milestones, expressing gratitude, or just spreading a little joy, find the perfect gifts to make your employees feel valued and appreciated.


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