36 Thoughtful and Fun Client Gift Ideas for 2024

When it comes to showing appreciation, nothing beats a personalized touch. With these unique client gift ideas for 2024, you’ll find the perfect way to say thank you and impress your clients.


Personalized Gifts


A Personal Touch to Thank You Notes


Saying thank you should always feel special. Personalized thank you notes by StationeryXpress add that extra touch. These notes come in various styles, including monogrammed and embossed options. You can choose from collections of 150 or 100 pieces, making them perfect for any occasion.


Stationery Sets with Style


For a genuine thank you, consider personalized stationery sets by The Stationery Studio. They offer over 2,500 custom products. From engraved to printed options, you’ll find the ideal set to match your business style. Business cards are also available to complete the package.


Engraved Items for Elegance


Engraved gifts always add a personal touch. Personalized logo gift bags by CookiesandKoalas on Etsy are a great choice. Available in various sizes and colors, with gold and silver foil, these bags make your logo look fantastic. You can order packs of up to 100, perfect for client appreciation events.


Customized Drinkware for Everyday Use


Custom-branded drinkware by Swag is an excellent way to showcase your logo. Options range from water bottles to pour-over kettles. You can choose colors and upload your design. Two decorating methods are available: screen prints and laser engraving. These gifts are always useful, from corporate events to the boardroom.


Stylish Monogrammed Leather Goods


Small yet stylish gifts can make a big impact. Northwind offers personalized leather items like valet trays, card wallets, and keychains. These high-quality, hand-crafted goods are perfect for any setting. They show your clients you care with a touch of elegance.


Food-Related Gifts


Gourmet Food Baskets provides a variety of corporate gift baskets. These are perfect for client appreciation or business events. Options include charcuterie, meats, cheeses, and even specialized gift boxes for different industries. A delicious way to show your gratitude!


Corporate Snack Trays


Champagne Life luxury gift baskets offer corporate snack trays. These include smart water, roasted almonds, and a fresh apple. Available for same-day delivery in Las Vegas, they are perfect for conventions or important meetings. Impress your clients with a tasty treat!


Food Subscription Boxes


Goldbelly offers the ultimate in monthly food subscriptions. From cookies to pizzas and sandwiches, there’s something for everyone. Free shipping is included. Food is always appreciated, especially in fast-paced work environments.


Coffee Subscription Boxes


Bean Box provides coffee subscriptions with a selection of the world’s best coffee. For just 55 cents per cup, you get free shipping and fresh coffee delivered. Various plans let you personalize your coffee preference, making it a perfect gift.


Budget-Friendly Client Gifts


Cookie Comfort Box

a box of cookie for client gift ideas


The Cookie Comfort Box by Cookie Gurlie is simple yet delightful. It includes treats like Chocolate Dippity Doo’s, Ginger & Mo, and Salted Toffee Shortbread. Add a handwritten note for a personal touch.


Holiday Cheer Box


The 12 Days of Holiday Cheers Gift Box by Fine Wine & Good Spirits is perfect for the festive season. It includes prosecco, champagne, and specialty wines. A great way to bring holiday cheer to your clients!


Single Cup Club Box


For coffee lovers, the Single Cup Club box offers small-batch roasted coffees in single-serve cups. Each box contains 15 cups from three different roasters. With subscription options and free shipping for the first month, it’s a budget-friendly gift.


Magnetic Notebook


The “Things To Do” Magnetic Notepad by MagnetsUSA is practical and eco-friendly. With removable pages and a magnetic spine, it’s perfect for note-taking during meetings.


Cheap Snack Box


Whether you’re looking for employee appreciation gift ideas or something for a client, the gifts under $100 section by Packed with Purpose ensures you can stay on budget while getting a perfect selection of treats. The Gratitude Galore selection comes with a variety of dark chocolate snack bars, granola, and so much more.


Meaningful and Luxurious Gifts


Luxury Candle Set


For those clients used to something a little bit more, what can you get them that’s in the lap of luxury? If you’re looking to give them something a little different, the Luxury Candle gift sets by Chase and Wonder are proudly made in Britain and can ensure that a client of an elevated stature can benefit.


Custom Swag Box


When it comes to personalized gift boxes, a custom box by Swag provides a variety of options for every budget. Whether you are looking to show your employees just how much you appreciate them or you want to give them something that truly evokes luxury, there are so many different solutions.


Moleskine Notepad


For the discerning client who likes to take lots of notes, the very definition of a luxury notepad is one word: Moleskine. The Moleskine online shop provides a whole heap of notebooks, including the Legendary notebook itself as well as limited editions, journals, and even gift sets. The Year of the Dragon Gift Set by Ahn Sang Soo comes with a large sketchbook stencil and a Kaweco pen, an illustrious German pen brand known for its quality and craftsmanship.


Cocktail Recipe Book


Those luxury clients who like a taste of the higher life can go and drink a Manhattan in Manhattan, but for all of those who are aspiring to luxury levels, a cocktail recipe book can provide innovative and delicious recipes. The Aviary Cocktail Book – Reserve Edition has over 440 pages of recipes, ensuring this guide will be at home in any luxury setting, and serves as the definitive word on 21st-century cocktails.


The Joy Gift Box


There are a variety of luxury hand washes, creams, body washes, and shampoos, but if you’re looking for the next-level gift for a client, this Joy Gift Box by Tyneham Luxury Products contains hand and body wash, conditioning shampoo, and hair conditioner in a sturdy and simply designed box. Every Joy product is enriched with over 95% natural ingredients and fragranced with a blend of essential oils including chamomile, sage, and mandarin.


Drink-Related Gifts


Custom Tea Assortment


Everybody needs to stay hydrated so they can stay in peak working condition. So if you’re looking for something beyond the standard cup of coffee, this Tea Forté SELECT tea chest gives you the opportunity to customize the perfect tea selection with up to eight different blends and a total of 40 teas. Some people are tea fanatics, and what better way to give a customer or a client one of the best selections of tea on this side of the planet?


Personalized Thermos Flask


Clients who have come a long way to meet up with you can benefit from this personalized stainless steel thermos flask. What better way to keep drinks hot or cold on the go than this unique and stylish stainless steel insulated thermos flask by Treat Republic? It means you can engrave a name or initials to add a special touch in a stylish script or bold font that keeps drinks hot or cold for up to eight hours. A simple, elegant, and always useful gift for clients and customers who have to endure long flights, train journeys, and car trips who need to quench their thirst.


Next-Level Coffee Machine


If your client’s office is in dire need of a coffee machine upgrade, the Kees Van Der Westen Spirit Triplette Espresso Machine by Coffee Machine Depot USA will keep everybody sufficiently caffeinated. This commercial espresso machine is more than just a coffee dispenser, but is a bona fide piece of art built for espresso bars. Developed to handle the rigors of busy environments, this is a perfect addition to a hustling and bustling office


Wine Basket


For the discerning wine enthusiasts, the Toast Of California Wine Basket on Gift Tree provides a Renoir Estates Central Coast Reserve Chardonnay and a Renoir Estates Central Coast Pinot Noir along with caramel milk chocolate Lindor truffles, dark chocolate, sea salt caramels, Dolcetto lemon wafers, and so many more tasty snacks that come in a beautiful package.


Self-Heating Mug


If almost every client you encounter drinks a vat of coffee and hates nothing more than those last slugs of cold cups of Joe, the Ember Mug 2 is a smart mug that allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, ensuring that the coffee is never too hot or too cold. Your client never needs to be picky about their coffee temperature ever again, and the mug maintains the chosen temperature between 80 minutes and 1.5 hours.


Luxurious Client Gifts


Luxury Branded Blankets


A comforting gift that goes beyond the standard thank-you notes, this variety of throws and blankets by Amara can be a perfect gift for a client of a different breed. Blankets and throws have always been a way to provide high levels of comfort and serenity, and with a variety of high-end throws available, including the Dolce and Gabbana Casa Leopard Cashmere Jacquard Blanket, this is a perfect layer of luxury in a designer home.


VIP Treatment Box


What better way to treat a client like a VIP than this VIP corporate client gift box from The Confetti Post? With a comprehensive gift box containing greeting cards, confetti popper, choice of balloon, notes, Tech Wipes by Well-Kept, and a black with silver rim tumbler by Corkcicle, this is a very simple selection of thoughtful gifts that’s perfect for a luxury client who doesn’t take themselves so seriously! Sometimes we can all think that we’ve got to treat a luxury client like they are about to be the next King of England, but this VIP treatment box is fun and incredibly effective.


Wireless Headsets


If you want to give your luxury client a gift that’s suitable for the office and home environments, these headsets from Jabra are exactly what your client needs. With free engraving options and a huge variety of features in all of the wireless headsets and earbuds, including advanced active noise cancellation and adjustable HearThrough features, music equalizing, and in-ear pressure that provides the ultimate level of support for clients in any environment whether they’re working at home with noisy children or cruising at 30,000 feet.


An Experience to Remember


There’s no better way to say thank you to a client than by giving them an experience to remember. The Stadium Gift Shop provides a whole range of experiences for clients and customers, from axe-throwing lessons to high-speed ride-along, virtual golf lessons, supercar driving tours, and tandem skydiving.


Wooden Chess Set


Luxury Staunton chess sets are more than just a game. The Regency Chess Company understands that chess sets are a statement piece too. Made from intricate hand-carved designs, Staunton chess sets are recognized worldwide and blend history and modernity all in a lovely luxurious package. With a variety of chess sets, including ones made from marble, the Ebony and Walnut Highclere Luxury Chess Set is visually striking and a pleasure to play. A great gift for clients who love their strategies!


Wellness Gifts


Desk Plant Kits


A little bit of loveliness on a client’s desk can go a long way. The variety of office plants available from is a testament to how a client can reap the benefits of a simple plant. With a variety of options available, including low-cost selections like The Sweet Little Plant Box up to the Bloomscape ZZ Plant in Eco Pot, every client can have a little dose of wellness in their lives.


Self-Help Books


A certain type of client will always be pushing themselves to be the best version of who they can be. What better way to start them on this journey than a self-help book? The Book Outlet store provides a variety of New York Times Best Sellers. Self-help books have been an invaluable resource inspiring clients to improve their leadership, think more positively, and boost their business. This is one of the most simple client gift ideas, but can be undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful


A Headspace Membership


If you are looking out for a client and just want them to feel better in themselves, a Headspace gift card can be a perfect solution for someone who’s trying to look after themselves and be a more present person. With access to hundreds of different types of meditations, wind-down exercises, and sleep sounds, there are different plans available, including a one-year membership


Standing Desks


A thoughtful gift for a client who’s trying to lead by example and bring their business into the modern day, this Terra 2 standing desk by Xdesk is leading the way in ergonomic furniture. The Terra 2 provides a whole host of optional integrated storage solutions that’s an elegant, sleek, and modern adjustable desk.


A Wim Hof Course


If you haven’t heard of The Iceman, now’s the time to learn his methods! Wim Hof has helped countless people all over the world change their lives and twice a year Wim Hof travels to his favorite destinations to teach his Wim Hof Method which helps you explore the limits of your body and make your mind more resilient


Virtual Client Gifts


Virtual Cooking Classes


For clients on the other side of the world whom you’ve built up an amazing working relationship with, the virtual cooking classes by The Chef & The Dish are excellent resources to practice team building.


MasterClass Subscription


For the client learning to better themselves one step at a time, a MasterClass subscription provides a whole range of resources. From the Purposeful Communication course with George Stephanopoulos to learning from former hostage negotiator Chris Voss about the art of negotiating, a MasterClass subscription provides unlimited access to over 200 courses taught by the very best experts.


An Online Language Learning Course


For a client who is trying to go global, this Babbel for Business subscription is a cost-efficient language learning solution for businesses to ensure that every member of your client’s team can find the right words. Created by over 200 linguists in 14 languages, including French, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.


These client gift ideas for 2024 are sure to impress and delight. From personalized stationery to luxury experiences, there’s something for every client. If you’re still looking for more ideas, visit to generate even more amazing options.

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