Christmas Gifts Ideas for Teens: Trendy & Cool Picks for 2024

Two teens exchange gifts by a Christmas tree, a girl with a red gift bag and a boy with a gray and red shirt, showing Christmas gift ideas for teens.

Stumped on what to get the teens in your life this Christmas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Christmas Gifts Ideas for Teens for 2024 are packed with trendy and cool picks that are sure to impress. From the latest gadgets to stylish accessories, these gifts will make any teen’s holiday extra special. So, grab a hot cocoa, relax, and let’s dive into some fantastic gift ideas that will make you the coolest gift-giver around!


A Pair of Headphones or Earbuds


If you know a teen who always seems to be listening to music, a decent set of headphones or earbuds will allow them to do so in their own little world. Try some wireless earbuds for the latest style. They’re discreet and compact, so they’re easy to carry around. This is a great gift for any teenagers who spend a lot of time gaming or using various devices too. It also makes a good hint for teens who haven’t realized not everyone wants to watch TikTok with them.


A Games Console


Maybe your teen is already a gamer or perhaps they’re desperate to be one. Either way, a new games console could be the perfect Christmas gift. The best time to buy one might be as soon as a new version is released if you’re a passionate gamer. But if you want to save a little money, it’s often better to wait a bit longer. Make sure you find out which console they’d prefer. Get the wrong one, and there might be trouble.


New Clothes or Accessories


Teens are generally still growing so they continue to need new clothes. Not only that, but they’re often still finding their style or trying to keep up with what’s trendy. New clothes or accessories will help them make sure they have “drip” and can either fit in with their friends or stand out from the crowd. If you’re not sure about style or size, a voucher or some cold hard cash is always a hit too.


Something to Do


Not all teens are very materialistic. Some would prefer something they can do and some great memories, instead of just more stuff. An experience gift is a fantastic choice for these teens as a Christmas gift. It could be one of many experiences, from trying out a new sport or activity to taking a class to learn something interesting. It might even be tickets to a concert or event.


A Personalized Necklace


Personalized jewelry adds a special touch to what could be an ordinary gift. You should include it in your list of potential Christmas gift ideas for teens, especially for a teen who likes fashion and style. Don’t be constrained by gender, either. Any teen can see the appeal of a personalized name necklace or something similar. It just depends on what style it’s in.


Christmas Gifts for the Phone-Obsessed Teen


Teenagers are mostly attached to their phones these days, but some are more so than others. If you know a teen who never puts theirs down, these Christmas gifts might work for them.


A Phone Case


When you need a stocking stuffer or a small gift, it can be hard to get the balance right between something small but useful and something that won’t really be appreciated. But a custom phone case is a great example of a gift that can work well for anyone on a budget and is sure to be appreciated by any phone-obsessed teen. You can customize phone cases with all sorts of designs, images, photos, names, and anything else they might like.


A Ring Light


Getting the lighting right for selfies and social media is paramount for anyone who uses TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram regularly. Try a selfie ring light as the ultimate Christmas gift for a teen who’s always filming or taking photos. They’re designed to provide just the right lighting when using a camera, keeping the focus on the face of the person. They don’t have to be expensive and they can make a huge difference to image quality.


A Smartwatch


If they love their phone, they’re probably going to like a smartwatch too. A smartwatch (which could be an Apple watch but doesn’t have to be) can give them access to some of their phone’s most important functions without having to take it out of their pocket or bag. It can let them know they have a message or call, and give them control over things like the music playing on their phone. Some smartwatches can double up as fitness trackers too, making them ideal for teens who like to get active.


Christmas Gifts for Tech-Savvy Teens


Teens who are into tech could go far. Tech jobs are the future, so they might be setting themselves up for a good career. But what do you get them when you’re not as tech-savvy as they are?


An Online Course


For teens who love to learn new tech skills, a subscription to an online course could encourage their learning. There are various resources they can use to learn coding or other valuable skills that are fun to learn too. Talk to them about what they enjoy and what they like learning, and you could find something they’re happy to study on their own. Many courses have great online communities too, so they can still get support if they need it.


A Raspberry Pi



If you have a teen who loves computers and doesn’t yet own a Raspberry Pi, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get them one. Using this little computer, they can learn to code and implement all kinds of computing skills. There are lots of resources to help them keep learning how to use it, and there are accessories available that could make good future gifts too.


A Tech Subscription Box


Get new tech delivered to your teen every month with a tech-based subscription box. These can deliver things like gadgets, games, accessories, or merchandise each month to keep your teen happy. Find a box that matches what they love so they’re delighted with what they receive with every new box.


Christmas Gifts for Artsy Teens


Teens who are into art don’t need to be difficult to buy for. If they love making art, they’re often happy with some new supplies. But you have to get the specifics right if you want to give a teen Christmas gift that they’ll be grateful for.


Art Supplies


Art supplies are a go-to Christmas gift option for artsy teens who love to make any kind of art. If they’re just getting started out, an art supply kit with all of the essentials can give them everything they need to learn the basics. For more experienced artists, you might want to consult with them on what supplies they prefer (if you don’t already know). Alternatively, get an expert opinion so you have a good idea of what sort of supplies your teen might be looking for. A gift certificate to an art supply store could also work.


An Art Class or Workshop


Even if your teen has been making art for years, there’s always something new to learn. Signing them up for an art class or an interesting workshop could give them the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people too. It could be something to help them develop an existing skill or maybe learn something completely new, such as a new medium they’ve never tried before.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamer Teens


Getting gamer teens off their consoles can be tough, but there are benefits to playing video games too. It can be a social activity, and help them develop a range of skills like hand-eye coordination and strategizing. It also makes it easier to find them a Christmas gift they’ll love.


A Virtual Reality Gaming Headset


Gamer teens who already have the latest console (and aren’t interested in a different model) might welcome a VR Headset. It’s another way to play games that’s immersive and can keep them entertained for hours. There are multiplayer VR games too, so it doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can find all sorts of games, from action-packed adventures to calming games that are all about the meditative experience.


New Gaming Accessories


If you can’t stretch to a new games console or VR headset, new gaming accessories could be just as appreciated. These could include things like a new controller, keyboard, a gaming desk or chair, or maybe a new headset so they can chat with friends while they play (and prevent everyone else from having to listen to their game). These kinds of accessories can range from budget options to more expensive gift ideas, so there’s something that can work for everyone, no matter how much you want to spend.


A New Game


A brand-new game is a bit of a no-brainer for a gamer teen, and it doesn’t have to cost too much. If you’ve been listening carefully, you might already have a good idea of what game they might like. But if you’re not sure, asking them directly is probably the best way to get Christmas gift ideas. Of course, sometimes you want to keep it a surprise. In which case, try asking one of their friends, or looking for clues of what they might want when you talk to them. Games store staff can recommend options too, but they don’t know your teen’s exact tastes.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Sporty Teens


It can be a blessing to have a sporty teen who likes to spend time outdoors and be as active as possible. But when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for them, you might be a little stumped. Try these Christmas gift ideas for teens with a passion for sports and exercise.


New Sports Equipment


Some new equipment for their chosen sport, or maybe to help them try out a different activity, could go down well at Christmas. Whether you get them a new skateboard or a brand-new baseball glove, you can choose a high-quality item that will help them improve their skills. It might be time to replace something older that isn’t doing the job anymore, or maybe there’s something on your teen’s wishlist that they’ve been asking for.


A Personalized Sports Jersey


Sometimes it’s not about playing, but about watching. If your teen is a long-time fan of a particular sports team and they don’t own a jersey yet, it could make the ideal gift for Christmas. Even better than simply getting them a jersey for their favorite team or player would be personalizing it with their own name. That way you play on not just their love for the sport but also their personal connection to their chosen team.


Christmas Gifts for Music Enthusiasts


Whether they love the latest pop sensation or they’re exploring the music you used to listen to as a teen, you have a world of possibilities when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for music-loving teens.


A Record Player


Vinyl records have made a big comeback, and they’re a favorite way for teens to show just how cool they are. If your teen loves all things vintage, a record player is a good gift choice for Christmas. A few vinyls to get them started wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. And, even better, today’s record players have high-tech features like Bluetooth technology and the ability to turn vinyl tracks into digital formats. An all-in-one system keeps it simple and ensures you don’t have to buy extra equipment to get it set up.


A Streaming Service or Store Gift Card


Pay for their music by giving your teen a gift card for Christmas. You could cover the cost of a subscription to their preferred streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music. Or if they prefer to own their music instead of streaming it, give them a gift card they can spend in a record store or any other retailer where they can buy music to download or in their favorite physical form.


Tickets to a Concert or Festival


Going to your first concert is a rite of passage, especially for teens who love music. Whether it’s their first time or they’re a seasoned gig-goer, tickets to see a favorite band or artist will always be appreciated. Get them a couple of tickets so they can take a friend and think about the logistics of going too, just so you know how they’ll get there, who’s going, and how they’re going to get home.


And there you have it! These Christmas Gifts Ideas for Teens are sure to make their holiday unforgettable. From trendy gadgets to stylish accessories, you’ll find the perfect gift to impress. For even more cool and unique suggestions, visit and become the ultimate gift-giver this season!

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