Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids: Fun & Magical Picks for 2024

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Ho ho ho! Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to dive into the world of Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids. Whether they’re dreaming of toys, gadgets, or magical surprises, we’ve got the ultimate list of fun and enchanting picks for 2024. From stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, our guide will help you find the perfect gift to light up those little faces with joy. Ready to play Santa? Let’s make this holiday season unforgettable!


A New Lego Set


Lego will always be a fun Christmas gift idea for kids. You can’t go wrong with it – and so many Lego sets are perfect for children of all ages. The Lego website has sets to suit every budget and theme, meaning you’ll come across something perfect for the little one in your life. 


Ideas like the Peppa Pig Birthday House are perfect for really young children and toddlers, or you could get a slightly more complicated set – like this Magical Unicorn for children aged 7 and upwards. 


For slightly older children (12+) you could get them a much bigger set with hundreds – possibly even thousands – of bricks to place down, such as this New York City set or a lovely little R2-D2 for the Star Wars fans out there! 


Browse the website for more options and you’ll be able to select a good chunk of ideas to either fill your kids’ stockings this Christmas or make up the bulk of their main gift. 


The Latest Nintendo Switch Games Console


Kids love game consoles, but the Nintendo Switch is the best one for them. It’s probably the most family-friendly console you can buy – as well as being the most affordable. Loads of Nintendo Switch games are designed for children too, such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. 


You won’t have to worry about your child playing violent games, and you can get games that encourage them to be active while playing – like Nintendo Switch Sports. It’s the sort of gift that brings hours of fun yet can also be educational and physically beneficial. The best option right now is to get the Nintendo Switch OLED console as it has a slightly bigger and better screen than the original version. 


An Arts and Crafts Kit


Children need to exude their creativity and you can find a Christmas gift that encourages them to be as creative as possible. Buying your child an arts and crafts kit makes perfect sense and is a suitable idea regardless of their age. 


Much younger children will benefit from very basic crafts kits to help them hone their fine motor skills while pre-school and elementary school kids will love coloring sets and other kits that let their imaginations run wild. Even teenagers will benefit from an arts and crafts set to scupper their boredom and give them something fun to do with all their spare time. 


You’ve genuinely got so many possibilities to pick from, but we love the look of this Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit. It’s fun for all ages and is something your kids can do over and over. The kit provides rocks, paint, and brushes – but you can go out and find more rocks or stones when you’ve got through them all. 


A Brand New Bike


It’s a classic Christmas gift idea for kids, but getting a new bike will always go down a treat. Again, it’s one of those gifts for children of every age – you’re never too old for a new bike! 


Small children who’ve never had a bike before will need one with training wheels – this cute Kids Bike is the perfect option. It’s for 5-14-year-olds, has a fun retro design, and comes with a little basket for them to carry their toys.  


If you think your child is old enough for a “proper” bike, get them one of the models from Guardian Bikes. The Guardian 26-inch Bike is ideal for early teenagers and comes with great safety tech to improve the braking and make the bike easier to balance on. 


A Remote Controlled Toy 


This is another classic Christmas gift that’s made a comeback in recent years. Many moons ago, you’d be a great parent for getting your child a little remote-controlled car. They’re not as popular these days – but kids are going crazy for a different type of remote-controlled toy instead. 


Yep, you guessed it, they want a drone! While it’s probably unwise to buy your child a proper drone (they cost a lot and are easy to break) you can find some kid-friendly options for them to fly with a remote control. The HOLYFUN Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Plane is a brilliant option for young children. It looks like a fighter jet yet can be controlled via a small device and your child will be amazed to see it hover in the air and do flips. 


There’s another option as well – the Kid Odyssey KF613 GPS Drone with Camera – which we think is a fabulous choice if your child wants a drone but you know it’s a bad idea to get them an expensive one. This drone is under $70, has a camera feed so they can take videos, and is designed to be robust enough to handle a few bumps, bruises, and falls. 


Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Young Kids (10 and Under)


The difficulty in finding kids’ gift ideas is that children come in all ages! You’ve likely been searching for Christmas gift ideas for kids and most of the suggestions are for children that are much older than yours. So, we’ve made this section to give you some of the best ideas for young kids – all of the gifts below are suitable for children aged 10 and under: 


A Squishmallow Plushie


What child doesn’t love a plushie? They need something to cuddle and snuggle up with every day, and Squishmallows are all the rage. These fun plushies are squish and so snuggly – plus, they’re outrageously cute and come in many varieties. 


If your child loves Pokemon, we recommend the Squishmallows Piplup Plushie. It’s one of the cutest we’ve ever seen and they’re sure to cling to it for many years. Alternatively, search for Squishmallows plushies online and you’ll see a diversity of choices. Pick whichever one you think your child will like based on their interests. 


An Indoor Playhouse


It’s always nice to give your kids somewhere to play and have fun. They love the idea of setting up a little fort or a base in the home – but this usually means they’re taking all the blankets and pillows from every bed in the house! 


Instead, you can get them an indoor playhouse to get up to as much mischief as you want. They’re hugely popular nowadays and come in a smattering of designs. Some look like pop-up tents while others are more like mini indoor houses. Our top pick is the Costway Kids Play Castle – it’s large enough for at least four kids to fit in and play, very easy to set up, and completely washable. 


A Toy Kitchen With A Chef Dressup Set


Children under the age of 10 love playing pretend and letting their imagination run wild. Every child needs to have a playset to help them play make-believe. You could choose a plethora of options, but we think a toy kitchen is the ultimate choice. The IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen is a wonderful starting point for young kids. It looks smart, is easy for you to put together, and gives them everything they need to enjoy a pretend kitchen. 


The compact nature means it won’t take up loads of space in your home – and you can complete the set with this cute Kids Chef Coat and Hat. It ties the whole experience together and means they’ll have hours of playtime to enjoy as a chef. For bonus points, the chef outfit we linked comes with a personalization option, so you can add your child’s name for an additional $12! 


Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens


But what if your children are older than 10 and none of the previous gifts are suitable? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the top three gift ideas for teenagers and older children: 


A New Tablet


Tech gifts are always received with big smiles no matter how old the child is. For teenagers, a new tablet is one of the best gifts they can get. It gives them a device to use every day for so many different things. Kids these days will need tablets and mobile devices to help with schoolwork while also providing entertainment. 


As a result, the iPad Air is a wonderful choice for teenagers. Firstly, it comes in lots of bright colors that your teen will love. Secondly, it’s a few hundred dollars cheaper than the iPad Pro – and no teenager will need the added processing power that this iPad brings. The iPad Air gives the ultimate balance of functionality (it works with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard) without being overly expensive. 


The Latest Popular Book Series


Books never go out of fashion! There’s always a series that grips a certain demographic, particularly when we’re talking about teenagers and young adults. We’ve had Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games in the past, so why don’t you give your child the Christmas gift of a new book series to dive into? 


As you can imagine, dozens of possibilities spring to mind, yet the series of the moment is Powerless by Lauren Roberts. The chances are your teens have already heard of this as it’s all over Tik Tok at the moment. It’s a young adult fantasy series with great characters, magic powers, and forbidden romance. Powerless is the first book in the series though there’s also a novella to buy, and the second book – Reckless – releases later this year, meaning you’ve got at least three books to buy for Christmas! 


A New Pair Of Headphones


Most teenagers can’t go anywhere without a pair of headphones. They love blocking out the noise of the outside world and escaping into their latest music playlist. Also, headphones help them concentrate when they’re studying, so you can at least feel like you’re aiding their education with this gift! 


If your teen likes over-the-ear traditional headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM5 is currently the best in class for noise cancellation and audio quality at a fairly reasonable price for headphones. 


Alternatively, if they prefer earbuds, consider getting the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds – they’ve won multiple awards and give your teen a more discreet way of enjoying music, audiobooks, and everything else they listen to. 


Budget Ideas For Christmas Gifts For Kids Under $20


Need to find a few stocking fillers that don’t cost a fortune? Or, maybe you’re buying gifts for kids that aren’t your own. Either way, you’re looking for budget-friendly kids’ Christmas gift ideas – and we’ve got a few excellent options for under 20 dollars: 


Cute Squishy Night Light


These things are all over social media, and kids of varying ages love them. They’re small night lights designed to look like animals – but here’s where things get interesting. They’re made out of a special material so you can press or squeeze them to turn them on or off. 


It’s an excellent gift for kids – or even teenagers – as they get a little bedside light with the added novelty of looking cute and feeling squishy. Browse the web to see all the different variations, but we really like this Cute DuDu Duck Night Light. It’s such an adorable design, and it’s dimmable too! 


Kids Soap Making Kit


Initially, this sounds like a weird Christmas gift idea for kids, but hold on a moment. It’s a crafty gift that gives children hours of fun and ticks a few key boxes. For one, it encourages creativity. Alongside this, it lets your children make a controlled mess! There’s dye, slime, squishy things, pretty colors, and so much more. 


Lots of these kits are super popular and cost a decent amount of money, but we found the FunKidZ Soap Making Kit on Amazon for under $20. It’s a bargain price for a gift that keeps on giving. 


Long Cat Plush Body Pillow


What’s better than getting your kids a standard plushie? Getting them one that’s almost the same size as them! These Mewaii Long Body Throw Pillows are incredibly popular right now. They’re super cute and look like long cats, but they’re long enough to be proper body pillows. 


The option we’ve chosen is 36 inches, so it’s around 3 feet in height (or 90cm) meaning it’s probably the same size as some young children! They get a big thing to cuddle or rest up against, and it’s comfortably under $20 at the moment. 


Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids


Sometimes you want to go all out and give your kids a gift they’ll remember for eternity. You decided that money is no object this Christmas, so here are a few luxury Christmas gift ideas your kids will love:


A Trip To Disney World


No child will ever pass up a trip to Disney World Florida. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip all families should try to make, especially when your children are still young and full of Disney magic. You’ll have a phenomenal experience – and tickets can be bought online from the Disney World website now. 


We recommend getting yours as soon as possible to secure the best deals – and if you live in Florida you might be able to access special tickets and prices. 


Tickets To See Something Live


Does your child have a favorite TV show or character? If so, you could try to see if there are any live shows to bring them to. We know that Paw Patrol Live is a big hit with toddlers and young children, letting them see their favorite furry friends on stage. You could also take them to shows like Disney on Ice – or so many other live events revolving around kid’s TV shows and movies. 


For older kids or teenagers, maybe they have a favorite musician or band they always go on about. Buying tickets to see them live will make your child’s year, so do a bit of research to see if you can find any. 


PS5 Slim


Go all out this Christmas and get your children the new PS5 Slim. It’s the most coveted games console out there and we’re sure stocks won’t last as we get closer to the festive season. This is one of those gifts that creates a long-lasting memory. We’re sure many of you remember when you got your first PlayStation console, so it’s time to create the same feelings for your kids. 


Get them a few games as well, making sure they’re age appropriate of course, and your children will spend the rest of Christmas Day filled with joy as they pass the PS5 controller around. 


Rainbow Set


This is a unique gift you’ve probably never heard of, but it’s gaining lots of traction in 2024. The Rainbow Set features six “stones” in different colors, plus a bright confetti board. The stones are around the size of a big mixing bowl and can be used for so many purposes. 


It’s genuinely one of the most versatile gifts you can buy a child – and it’s designed to grow with them too. When they’re very young, the stones are used for balancing or to store other playblocks in. As they get a bit older, you can put the stones on the floor and your kids will jump around on them. They can even be stacked and turned into little stools! If you’ve not seen this gift before, we suggest checking it out and you’ll soon know its full potential. 


Best Educational Christmas Gift Ideas For Children


Lastly, let’s talk about some kids’ gift ideas for Christmas that encourage learning. The best educational gifts teach your children things without making it seem like a chore. They still have fun, yet they learn at the same time – here are some fun picks: 


A Science Set


Science sets are the ideal educational gift for children. Fun ones – like this Chemistry Set – encourage them to get creative while learning something new. They can try to create different reactions, run mini-experiments, and learn many valuable things about chemistry and science. 


Other sets exist as well, and some of them are more crafts-based so your child thinks they’re having fun with a creative game, but really they’re learning important stuff that stays with them as they grow older. 


A Time Teaching Watch


The sooner your kids learn to tell the time, the better! That’s why we think this Time Teaching Elementary School Watch is a magnificent Christmas gift for kids. The watch comes in different colors with fun designs on the strap, but the magic lies in the watch face. 


It’s designed to help children learn how to tell the time by using color-coded blocks and numbers. They’ll quickly grasp what hour it is and slowly understand how a clockface works. Suitable for kids aged 5 and upwards, this is the best way to help them read clocks – while also being a fun gift they’ll love to have on their wrists. 


Puzzles and Brain Teasers


Puzzles are the ultimate education gift for kids because they feel like a toy, yet continuously teach your children some important skills. A typical picture puzzle is still educational as it trains your child to solve problems. You can go one step further with the Round the Shore Tracks Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug. It’s a classic puzzle concept, but the pieces fit together to form the alphabet and the numbers 1-10. So, they’re learning how to spot numbers and letters, which is vital for preschool kids in their formative years. 


You can obviously find harder puzzles that scale with your child’s age – and we’re big fans of this Diamond Puzzle for kids aged 12 and up. It’s a 3D wooden puzzle that’ll challenge their problem-solving skills and can take hours to complete. 


A Duolingo Subscription


All children will benefit from learning another language while they’re younger. It’s easier to learn new languages when you’re still in school, so why don’t you make the process more enjoyable by getting them a Duolingo subscription? 


Duolingo gamifies the learning process and makes learning new things more enjoyable. Your kids will love that it’s an app on their phone – and you’ll love that their finally doing something productive on their phones for once!

And there you have it! Our top Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids are sure to make this holiday season fun and magical for the little ones. From exciting toys to enchanting surprises, these picks will light up their faces with joy. Remember, the best gifts come from the heart and create lasting memories. For even more fantastic ideas, be sure to visit and find the perfect present for every child on your list!

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