Christmas Gifts Ideas for Coworkers: Thoughtful & Affordable Picks

Coworkers in a decorated office exchange smiles and a small red gift box, sharing Christmas gift ideas for coworkers in a festive setting

Stumped on what to get your coworkers this holiday season? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to Christmas Gifts Ideas for Coworkers. From thoughtful to downright hilarious, our list features affordable picks that will bring a smile to everyone’s face around the office. Whether it’s for the office Secret Santa or just a little something to show appreciation, these ideas will make your coworkers’ holiday merry and bright. Let’s get gifting!


Keto Snack Box


At any given time, there is always someone at the office following a keto or low-carb diet. And as you probably know, this person is always peckish, constantly looking for something to replace the lack of normal food in their stomachs. 


That’s where a keto snack box can help. These contain all their favorite foods, such as pork rinds, protein puffs, sprouted almonds, pumpkin seeds, beef sticks, and peanut butter bars. None of these snacks will spike their blood sugar levels – good for concentration – and all of them will help them stick to their diet.


Mindfulness Box


Work is stressful and, for many, can lead to burnout. That’s where a mindfulness box can help. These have everything your coworkers need to stay relaxed and happy on the job. 


Goody makes various mindfulness boxes with things like calming bath soaks, nightcaps, and herbal sleep aids. Products also contain nutritious foods to optimize their well-being and peace of mind as deadlines approach. 


Sherpa Blanket


Staying warm over the festive season is challenging, even for people who usually run hot. As such, you might want to get your coworker a Sherpa blanket. These are made of warm fleece and have a luxurious feel, making them a must-have for staying warm while curled up and watching festive films. 


Swag makes a special customizable sherpa blanket that lets you choose the color, design, and decoration method used to create the product. You can also buy in bulk for discounts. 


Cactus Humidifier


The winter months can be tough on the skin. Coworkers can wind up with dry elbows, chapped lips, and many other dermal ailments. 


As such, getting your colleague a cactus humidifier could be an excellent gift. These pump out moist mist, helping to raise humidity levels in parched offices.


AmuseNd makes a humidifier that connects to laptops via USB. It sprays approximately 50 milliliters of mist into the air every hour with a 4-hour automatic power-off protection. 


Puffy Lunch Bag


Lunch boxes are great, but they don’t compare to lunch bags. These look so much more professional and should be at the top of ideas for office Christmas gifts for coworkers who insist on bringing food to the office. 


Ascot + Hart makes a bag with a 10-inch handle and a zip closure made of recycled ripstop nylon with soft polyester and recycled PET polyfill lining. The insulation keeps sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and yogurt cool until it’s time to eat. 


Portable Space Heater


Space heaters are fantastic ways to heat rooms quickly during the winter months, making them another superb coworker Christmas gift idea. Portable versions can sit on desks and provide warming air currents to help keep colleagues warm, even if the gas boiler breaks down. 


We like Costway’s 1500W electric desktop heating fan. It’s quiet and rotates from side to side, providing heating to a wider area. Colleagues can put it in their satchels, totes, or bags and bring it with them to work. 


Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Coworkers


Mug Warmer


Hot brews fresh from the office coffee machine are one of life’s great gifts. But unfortunately, they can cool down before colleagues finish drinking them. 


Therefore, why not get your coworker a coffee mug warmer? These come with various temperature settings and can keep coffees warm all day long, without anyone needing to take a trip to the microwave for a quick reheating session. 


Leather Desk Mat


Conventional rubberized desk mats can look cheap and tacky (and many can start looking worse for wear over time as they accumulate dirt and grime). The good news is that there is a smarter alternative: leather desk mats. These give your coworkers premium-looking workspaces, preventing any of their devices or peripherals from coming into direct contact with the desk’s surface below. Products are large enough for laptops, computer keyboards, mice, and speakers. 


Foam Foot Rest


None of your coworkers wants to sit down all day but when deadlines are approaching, many chain themselves to their computers, working long shifts that never seem to end. 


During these stressful periods, colleagues need somewhere to rest their tired feet. And what better place than an ErgoFoam footrest? These stylish office additions provide foot, leg, and lumbar support, ensuring the colleague’s sitting position is upright. The rest also doubles as a rocker, helping office colleagues keep their feet moving for circulation. 


Maldon Sea Salt


The English town of Maldon on the Essex coast is famous for all sorts of things, but its main export is sea salt. Chefs love it for its taste and mild flavor, making it a must-have for that colleague who likes to cook. 


The Maldon-based company collects it from the nearby estuary and packs it into tubs that last all year. Most people leave bowls of it out in their kitchens at all times, ready and waiting to season their food. 


Glass Croissant Ornament


A glass croissant ornament is perhaps the most unique gift you could give this Christmas. It is part of the Kurt Adler Noble Gems collection with paint and mica finishing touches to create the perfect freshly-baked look. Hanging from a gold string, it can help coworkers jazz up lackluster Christmas trees along with other food-related items (instead of the usual generic baubles). It’s ideal for the foodie or the Francophile in your office who loves the soft doughy treat in the morning. 


Happy Crochet Sunflower


If your coworker is feeling low, then a happy crochet sunflower for their desk could be what they need to lighten the mood. These attractive desk accessories made by HugandStitch are just as bright as real sunflowers and look stunning. It’s the ultimate feel-good, comfort gift. 


Cheap Ideas For Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Baby Groot Desk Flower Pot


Guardians of the Galaxy star Baby Groot is now available in office flower pot form. Plants grow directly out of the top of his head, with a small drainage hole at the back to allow water to escape. 


This gift is ideal for Christmas time or any other part of the year. Baby Groot looks so cute with his big, glowing eyes and chick friend in the nest. 


Silk Eyemask


If you know a colleague who can’t sleep on long business trips, consider getting them a silk eye mask. These are made from natural eco-friendly materials and protect the hair and skin on both sides of the face. 


We like this particular example from Olesilk. It features an oversized eye-covering area and headband, protecting the skin and hair from friction and feeling extra comfortable on the skin. The high-density silk reduces light penetration, guaranteeing a perfect night’s sleep every time. 


Hand Therapy Stress Balls


Working life can be stressful. Therefore, you might know a co-worker who could benefit from hand therapy stress balls. These let them squeeze the stress away during challenging times (like when the boss is making impossible demands!) 


Serenilite makes a stress set with soft, medium, and hard balls for various grip strengths. Balls are light and durable, covered in a sleek fabric that won’t stick to sweaty palms. 


Cable Management Box


Cables sticking out of the back of desktop computers always look unsightly. Tangles of wires ruin the office setup aesthetics. 


Fortunately, accessory brand Yamazaki has the answer – a cable management box. The unit is essentially a shroud that lets coworkers keep electronic cabling safe and out of sight. Boxes come with various wire-management holes for connecting to power outlets, TVs, computers, and extension cords and all the materials are heat-resistant.


Daily Planner


If you know a coworker who is the epitome of disorganization (especially around Christmas), get them a daily planner. This affordable and practical gift lets them write down what they will do every day at the start of the week, improving organization. 


Jade Face Roller


Stress can sometimes affect coworkers to the point where it shows on their faces. But with a face roller, they can get back to their usual selves in no time. 


LDATY makes a stunning face roller from pure jade. It helps coworkers rediscover their youth by massaging the skin and encouraging nutrients to flood into the surface, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. The device glides over the face’s various contours, offering a cooling, soothing sensation on the skin for the ultimate in-office refresh. 


Luxury Holiday Office Gift Ideas


Ayurvedic Beauty Gift Set


Ayurveda is ancient Indian medicine, used for millennia to treat various ailments, from migraines to gout. However, it also works as a holiday gift idea for coworkers.


Blue Nectar makes a gift set with body wash, mist, and lotion. Each product contains ayurvedic herbs to energize and revitalize tired bodies, ideal for colleagues who love pampering themselves in the evening or early morning. 


The gift set is also gender-inclusive. 


DoorDash Gift Card


Finding time to cook can be challenging for some coworkers, especially around Christmas time. But with a DoorDash gift card, you can make their lives easier. 


DoorDash connects coworkers with more than 310,000 restaurants in 4,000 cities and towns across the country. All colleagues need to do is order on the app and get meals sent to them, wherever they happen to be. Finally, they can collapse on the couch after a challenging day at the office – the ultimate luxury! 


Electric Lunch Crockpot


Sitting down to a cold meal that should be hot at lunchtime isn’t what anyone wants. However, it is the reality for many coworkers who prepare their soups, stews, and bean dishes in advance. 


Fortunately, you can change this sorry situation with an electric lunch crockpot. These clever devices let coworkers warm their food wherever they go – perfect for the office kitchen. 

Crockpots are small, unobtrusive, and safe to use at work. A tight-sealing lid prevents spills on the go while the matte rubberized exterior protects other items in colleagues’ bags. 


Personalized Refillable Portfolio


Staying organized in style is a challenge for many coworkers. Most wind up carrying around multiple notebooks and files. 


However, that could all change with an Athenus personalized refillable portfolio with a zipper. This impressive piece of stationery is made of 100% leather and is available in various styles. To customize, simply tell the brand any messages or monogrammed elements you want to include. 


Funny Ideas For Coworkers’ Christmas Gifts


Table Dustpan And Brush


Most coworkers will leave their workspace and go somewhere else to munch on their lunch. But, of course, some will stay at their desks.


If that sounds like a colleague you know, they might benefit from a handy table dustpan and brush. These miniature versions of the real thing let them sweep away any crumbs, leaving their keyboards and desks debris-free. 


Iris Hardverk makes an especially attractive table dustpan and brush featuring oiled beech construction and a horsehair brush. It has a luxe appeal that colleagues will love. 


Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Puzzle Plush


If you know a co-worker who just got a dog, you might want to buy them the Hide-A-Squirrel puzzle from Outward Hound. This gigantic toy includes six squirrels and a dog-safe plush tree trunk for games of hide-and-seek. 


The toy’s creators tout its ability to keep dogs entertained and train their minds. Durably designed, it offers an engaging array of shapes and sounds, allowing pups to test their mettle and finally defeat those miscreant squirrels!


Fidget Toy


Colleagues who like to fiddle need something they can spend all day messing around with. And what better solution than a corporate nonsense fidget toy? These let colleagues create ridiculous workplace expressions using interconnecting, rotatable wooden blocks, like “actualize stakeholders proactively” and “leverage deliverables synergistically.” 


Burnout Candle


Finally, you could use a hilarious burnout-themed candle representing how your coworkers feel. GlowTopGifts sells one that lets you customize it with their name to say “Sarah’s last nerve: oh look… it’s on fire.”


The burnout candle is funny because it’s true. It is made of a vegan-blend, toxin-free coconut wax made from renewable sources and comes in various scents including beachwood, blackberry vanilla, and wild fig.


And there you have it! Our top Christmas Gifts Ideas for Coworkers are sure to bring joy and laughter to the office. From thoughtful to downright hilarious, these affordable picks will make your coworkers’ holiday season merry and bright. Remember, a small gesture can go a long way in spreading holiday cheer. For even more fantastic ideas, be sure to visit and find the perfect present for everyone on your list!

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