Bridal Shower Gift Ideas: Perfect Picks for 2024

celebrating bridal shower with gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas Celebrate The Bride

First, let’s begin with suggestions for personal bridal shower gifts ideas that celebrate the bride. After all, a bridal shower should be all about her, and what better way to make it so than showering her with thoughtful and personal gifts?


Personalized jewelry

personalized pendant jewelry from flowers as Bridal Shower Gifts Idea


A gift that can give her something new to wear on the day, a piece of personalized jewelry is a wonderful option for a bridal shower. You don’t have to go with something super obvious like a name or initial. Instead, you can choose an item of jewelry whose meaning is only obvious to the wearer such as a bracelet with her favorite flower dried into a charm or a necklace with multiple rings that symbolize each bridesmaid or person in her friendship group.


Wedding scent 

Bridal Shower Gifts Idea - Wedding scent


A wedding scent is also a smart choice as a bridal shower gift. The idea is that because she wears that specific fragrance on the day, whenever she wears it again it will remind her and her partner of the celebration of their love. 


One option here is to invest in an off-shelf scent that is a bit more high-priced and high quality than what she would normally pick. In this way, you can make sure it’s extra special for the big day. 


Another way of approaching wedding scent as a gift is to get a custom one made up by a master perfumer with scents and accents of the things she loves. Indeed, you could further extend this gift by buying a voucher for an experience to create a wedding scent, so the bride gets full control of the result of the perfume. 


Ideas For Bridal Shower Gifts That Include Wedding Prep

Wedding preparation is a big thing for any bride, so using ideas for wedding shower gifts that can help with this both stressful and exciting time can hit the mark. Check out our suggestions below or use an online gift assistance tool to help you generate even more options specifically personalized to the bride’s wants and likes.


Wedding planner 


How can the bride successfully plan her big day without a planner? The answer is she can’t and that is what makes them such great bridal shower gifts. There is a wide range of planners on the market too, so where possible it’s best to get one that suits the specific needs and likes of the bride. 


For example, if she’s a digital girl then sending her a voucher or download link to a beautiful planner for her iPad can be a real treat. Alternatively, if she’s more a pen-and-paper girly, then a gorgeous luxury planner like this one is ideal. You can even add a fancy fountain pen to make it a set! 


Facial and body scrub 


Every bride wants to glow on her wedding day! However, there’s quite a bit of work that goes into looking radiant when you are walking down the aisle. Happily, you can help make this process a little easier and more effective by purchasing some high-quality facial and/or body scrub for the bride-to-be. Then she can use it in the run-up to the wedding to ensure that her skin is fresh and glowing for all her pictures! 




Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas - Manicure and pedicure


Manicures and pedicures are also highly popular gifts for bridal showers, especially when they can be used the day or two before the wedding so the bride has perfect nails for her big day. It’s best to opt for a voucher here, as then the bride can book a time that works for her. After all, the days before the wedding can get pretty busy! 


Vows book 

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas vow book


If you know your bride and her partner will be composing their vows, a vow book can also be an excellent choice as a bridal shower gift. The idea behind a vow book is that it’s a specific space in which the married couple can record their special and sacred words and promises to each other that they make on their big day. By having a special space to record and keep these that can be added to their bookshelves, the happy couple can review their vows at any point and remind themselves of their commitment, love, and promises throughout their marriage. 


Bridal Subscription Box


For a gift that will not only help the bride prepare but also get excited for her big day, the perfect gift has to be a bridal subscription box. Set to a variety of wedding themes, and containing a selection of fun and practical items such as bride merch like wifey caps, drink tumblers, and straws, as well as calendars, guides, planners, makeup items, and decor for the big day bridal subscription box can amp up the excitement in the months leading up to the wedding. Just imagine her delight as she opens her first box! The best thing is you can choose a subscription that works for your needs and budget! 


Bridal Gifts Ideas That Can Be Used On The Wedding Day 


Another great category of gift to get a bride for her shower is items that can be used on the very day of her wedding. By choosing from the wedding shower gifts ideas you’ll find below you’ll be contributing to the big day itself, and help to ensure that the bride has the most magical experience! 


Guest book / alternative guest book 


A guest book for her wedding day is an ideal bridal shower gift, as she can use it to pass around her guests and get personalized messages of love and support for her and her partner. Then they can look back at these messages together throughout their relationship and reminisce about their perfect day! 


Alternatively, if you want to shake things up a bit you could get a gift that works in the same way as a guest book, but that is a little different. For example, some people choose a wooden tower-building game, with colored pens where each guest can sign a block. Others opt for a blank globe, a peg board, or even a message in a bottle kit!


Personalized jewelry box 


If you are looking for a gift that the bride can use on her wedding day and beyond, why not opt for a personalized jewelry box or carrier? These are great in a practical sense as they will help the bride stay organized and ensure she has all of her items where she can find them as she gets ready on the big day. 


Personalized jewelry carriers can also be used after the wedding, and be a great reminder not only of the wedding day but also the bridal shower, where she received lots of love and support from her nearest and dearest! 


Hair accessories


If you know the bride well, then you could opt for a beautiful bridal hair accessory that she can wear with her wedding dress. It’s always best to go for a brand that you already know she loves. For example, if your bride is quirky and funky a laser-cut headdress like these from Wolf and Moon can be an excellent choice. Just be sure to pick colors that you know will go with her scheme! Alternatively, if your bride is more traditional a hair comb or clip-in crystals and pearls may be a better choice. 


Personalized wedding dress hanger 


It’s a classic but a personalized wedding dress hanger has to be one of the all-time greatest gifts you can get for a bride-to-be at her shower! Not only do these hangers function to keep her dress pristine before the ceremony, but they also make wonderful props for wedding photos of the dress as well! Choose between gorgeous and opulent lace hangers, or wooden and metal ones where the bride’s future name is skillfully twisted into the metal. 


Bridal robe and slippers 

The whole getting ready process is a big deal to any bride. After all, she’ll be doing so with her bridesmaids and loved ones. Hair and makeup prep also tend to start pretty early in the day, which means the bride is likely to spend a significant amount of time in robes and slippers before the very last step of putting on the dress and her shoes. Happily, you can make this experience even better by providing a personalized robe and slipper for the bride as a bridal shower present. 


Gifts Ideas For Bridal Shower With The Honeymoon In Mind 


Once all the hubbub and bustle of the wedding day is over, the next big marriage-related event is the honeymoon. A time when the newly married couple gets to travel and be alone together and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, this means designed to be used on the honeymoon and is a fantastic choice for any bridal shower. Check out our suggested selection below. 


Wedding-themed luggage/passport tags


First of all, wedding-themed travel items like luggage tags and passport holders are a genius bridal shower gift. Especially when they are personalized with the married name of the couple! Indeed, honeymooners and newlyweds are often given free upgrades when traveling so anything that lets flight, and hotel staff know of the newlywed status can be the gift that gives on giving! 


If you are looking for a super high-end version of this suggestion then what about a brand-new fancy luggage set monogrammed with the couple’s initials? Such a gift is both lavish and practical, as having the right luggage when you travel can make it a much smoother and more pleasant experience. 




OK, so you knew that this suggestion had to be in here somewhere. Indeed, lingerie is a traditional bridal shower gift, popular with both the bride and their partner. Of course, with such a personal gift there are some things you’ll need to consider carefully first. 


For example, who will be attending the bridal shower, and will the bride be OK with then seeing items of skimpy clothing designed for intimate times? Secondly, do you know the kind of lingerie she likes to wear and what flatters her body? Do you know her size? Lastly, if you have any doubts about whether she will accept a gift of actual underwear in good faith during a bridal shower, then it’s best to opt for vouchers instead so the bride can shop alone for what she wants. 


Honeymoon photo album 


It’s not only photos of the ceremony and wedding that will be special to the bride, but images of her and her other half enjoying their honeymoon as well. That is why giving a honeymoon photo album can be a very thoughtful and fun gift. 


There are two main types to choose from here. The first is a hardback blank album that is perfect for filling with their honeymoon photos when they have developed. However, the second is a professionally made glossy photo book which is made up online and then shipped to the happy couple. Of course, for the second option to work you’ll need to wait for the couple to come back from their honeymoon and have their photos, so a voucher will be the best choice. 


Cute and romantic sunglasses 


Maybe it’s a little silly but heart-shaped sunglasses, especially in white are a supercut bridal shower gift. This is because they are perfect for keeping the new bride’s eyes protected in the bright sun of her tropical honeymoon, and they are also going to make her feel super cool with just a little nod to her newlywed status. Also, don’t forget that If the couple is getting married in a sunny locale, then the bride-to-be may even choose to wear them on her big day as well as on her honeymoon! 


White maxi dress 


Paying out for a whole new honeymoon wardrobe on top of the significant costs for the wedding can be a strain on even the most well-off couples. That means anything that you can do to help ease this will delight the bride-to-be. In particular, a strappy maxi or midi dress in white can be a great choice, as not only is it the perfect color for hot weather, but also echoes the white of her dress on the big day. Just be sure to choose a dress in a natural fabric like cotton or linen as these tend to be the most comfortable to wear in higher temperatures. 


Bridal Shower Ideas Gifts That Celebrate And Support Their Marriage


Date night ideas 


Some of the best most unique wedding shower gifts ideas for a bridal shower will help support her marriage in the long term such as something that helps suggest date nights for her and her partner to do together. The good news is there are plenty of options out there from books to jars filled with slips of paper and even cute wooden sets. Some even provide blanks that the happy couple can fill with their favorite activities! 


Cheese board 


OK, so a cheese board may not sound like the most romantic gift, but bear with us as they can be a great option! After all, everyone loves cheese and charcuterie boards right now, and fil; lin one with cheeses and meats can turn even the most mundane evening into a special date night. 


You can even get romantic-shaped and engraved cheese boards, and cheese knives that commemorate the marriage itself, which will remind the bride and her partner of their special day every time they use it.


A fancy wedding album


Finally, if you are looking for gifts that celebrate and support their marriage then one of the top options has to be a gorgeous wedding album. Indeed, this is a great bridal shower gift for several reasons. The first is that a good album can be pricey, and with the cost of weddings, these days may be something that the bride and her partner may not be able to splurge on. 


Wedding albums are also a great long-term gift, which will help them not only remember their special day but also your contribution as well. Lastly, a wedding album creates a place they can fill with photos of their big day, and go back to reminisce whenever they want! 


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