Boyfriend Gifts Ideas: Thoughtful Surprises He’ll Love

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Looking to jazz up your gifting game? Welcome to the ultimate treasure trove of boyfriend gifts ideas! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the realms of quirky, sentimental, and downright hilarious surprises that will make your man go from 😐 to 😍 in a heartbeat. Let’s dive into the madness of thoughtful spoils!


Wireless Electronics Charging Stand

Charging electronic devices requires a lot of effort nowadays. There are just so many items you need to plug in, from smartphones to Apple Watches to ear pods. 


Fortunately, you can now get wireless charging stands to recharge all these items. All your boyfriend needs to do is put each electronic device in the proper position and the charging station will do the rest. It’s so easy!


A Vinyl Record Print


Giving your boyfriend a custom vinyl record print is a special gift idea he’ll remember forever. These turn a turntable-ready soundtrack into a memento he can cherish for the rest of his life. 


For example, you could use “your song” – a tune that defines your relationship as a couple. Vendors write these onto vinyl and then inscribe the surface with words about you both, including your names, a special message, when you first got together, or all three. Whenever he feels sentimental, he can put it on the record player. 


Portable Espresso Machine


Kitchen coffee machines make delicious drinks. But there’s one problem – your boyfriend can’t take them with him. Once he leaves his kitchen, he’s on his own!


That’s where a portable espresso machine could help. These use batteries to make delicious cups of coffee every time. Just add hot water!


As you might expect, these espresso machines are small, light, and versatile. To make a coffee, your boyfriend simply adds the bean pouch to the grinder and presses the button to activate the coffee-making experience. Then, hey presto! – he’s making delicious espressos at the office or on the go. 


Promise Bracelet


Promise bracelets are the type of gift that helps you kick your boyfriend into line. These subtle pieces of jewelry remind him that he’s yours and how wonderful you are together (just in case he goes getting any ideas!)


Interestingly, each bracelet reflects the other. One is all black except for a single white bead, while the other is all-white with a single black bead. You both wear them all the time (meaning this gift is also a mini present to yourself). 


Bucket List Journal


Even if your boyfriend is young and vibrant, getting him a bucket list journal is still worth it. Here, you can both write down everything you want to do before kicking the can. 


Creative Smart Journals make one of these journals with space for up to 100 items. It sets them out neatly so you can consider your goals and decide where you want to go (and what you want to do) next. There’s plenty of space for doodling and additional pages to write down your experiences once you get stuff done. 


Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle


If your boyfriend is a massive Star Wars fan, consider getting him a jigsaw puzzle from the film series. These bring out his inner geek like nothing else.


Ridleys Games sells a double-sided Death Star puzzle, with the original image of the fictional space station on the front, and various blueprints at the rear. It’s 1,000 pieces and has plenty of black, open space, making it more challenging to finish. It’s also an officially licensed Star Wars collectible (so get it if he’s a collector). 


Sports Tickets


Still short on ideas? Why not get your boyfriend some sports tickets to the next game? With these, he can enjoy watching football or baseball, or support his team. 


Better yet, you can make a date out of it. He can shout and scream at the players on the pitch while you enjoy delicious snacks and the intense atmosphere. It should be a wonderful day out. 


Meat Cleaver


Getting your boyfriend a meat cleaver helps him improve his cooking skills and encourages him to spend more time in the kitchen. Plus, he doesn’t just have to use it for meat. Most cleavers will also double up as vegetable cutters and fruit slicers. 


EUNA makes a meat cleaver with an especially sharp blade and ergonomic handle. The edge is made of carbon-infused forged stainless steel for ultimate precision and cutting action when needed most. 


Classic Sony PlayStation


Many men grew up playing the Sony PlayStation in the 1990s. To this day, it remains one of the most iconic consoles, famed for its engaging games. 


However, you hardly see any of them around anymore, so it is difficult for your boyfriend to get his retro gaming fix. Most were thrown away years ago. 


Fortunately, the original PlayStation is making a comeback. You can now find it online at major retailers and even buy games to bring back the classic experience. 


Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriends


Personalized Toiletries Bag


If your boyfriend enjoys seeing his name or initials written everywhere, get him a personalized toiletries bag. These make him feel special wherever he goes. 

MOONSTER makes a men’s toiletries bag using a one-of-a-kind 100% genuine, soft water buffalo leather. It’s 50% thicker than similar materials, giving the item a unique feel that’s hard to find elsewhere. It also has two zipper pockets to keep smaller items for additional convenience. 


Smart Paper Airplane


Boyfriends like folding paper and making it into paper airplanes to throw across the room. It’s almost instinctual. Unfortunately, it’s also ineffective. Most paper planes fall out of the sky in less than a second. 


Now, though, you can get the man in your life an upgrade: a smart paper airplane. These come with additional pieces of kit that make them far more capable and maneuverable in the air (meaning they won’t instantly fall out of the sky). 


For instance, Walmart offers one that connects to your phone. It has propellers, a front nose cone, and a computer that can adjust power output based on the paper aircraft’s aerodynamics. Simply connect it to the app and start flying. 


Movie Scratch-Off Poster


Is your boyfriend a movie buff? If so, why not get him a movie scratch-off poster? It’s the perfect gift for long-distance couples who can’t be with each other. 


Unfortunately, the poster isn’t customizable (so you can’t force him to sit through the movies you want him to watch). However, it does feature the top 100 must-see films for everyone and includes fun fact icons to go with each of them. As such, it should keep him entertained even if you can’t see him for six months!


Pill Capsule Letters


You’ve heard of letters in a bottle. Well, now you can get them in pill-style capsules (like the ones you swallow as supplements).


Maker INFMETRY allows you to write small notes to share your feelings. You get 25 capsules in a bottle and you can write secret messages on all of them, from “You have smelly socks” to “I will love you forever.”


Portable Grill Kit


Grilling meat is something many men love. Nothing feels better than striking up the BBQ and creating something delicious. 


For this reason, we recommend this portable grill kit for your boyfriend. Weighing less than ten pounds, it contains everything your man needs to grill steak, chicken, pork chops, and fish. Simply light the charcoal pod and let the grill do the rest for you with temperatures up to 400°F. 


Cheap Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend Ideas


Wallet “I Love You” Cards


Sentimental “I Love You” cards are a wonderful addition to your boyfriend’s wallet. These remind him of what he means to you when searching for coins or his ID.


Inexpensive, love note cards can be the perfect emotional pick-me-up when he is having a difficult day at the office. Even if his whole world is crashing around his ears, they remind him you are still there for him. 


Smartphone Screen Magnifier


If you notice your boyfriend struggling and straining to see everything on his smartphone screen, get him a screen magnifier. These take small smartphone images and make them larger via a magnifying screen placed in front. He can use them for watching movies, playing games, and reading at up to three times the original size. 


Beer Cap Magnetic Tree


A beer cap magnetic tree is another fun, inexpensive gift for your boyfriend. It gives him a slice of horticultural prowess, regardless of where he likes to do his drinking. 


A beer cap magnetic tree is what it sounds like – a Bonsai-style accessory with a bulbous head for attaching beer bottle tops. The high-strength magnet lets these stick multiple layers deep, creating a crown-like structure similar to a regular tree. The more he drinks, the more impressive his horticultural skills will appear. Absolute genius!


Sonic The Hedgehog Mood Light


Getting your boyfriend a Sonic the Hedgehog mood light could be the perfect gift if he loves video games while spending time in relaxing environments. Nicknamed “the fast and the furriest,” it provides an atmosphere for retro gaming no matter where he likes to play. If nothing else, it will add a dose of quirky charm to his space. 


Luxury Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas


Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch


If your boyfriend is a man who enjoys diving, swimming, or anything else outdoors, you might want to get him a statement timepiece, similar to Fossil’s Nate Quartz Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch. It’s built with the roughest adventures in mind, allowing him to take it anywhere, whether swimming, snorkeling, bathing, shallow diving, or piloting an aircraft. 


“Chronograph” watches’ main feature is their stopwatch function. These tell your boyfriend how long he’s been underwater (or the time since he last texted you). 


Ray Ban Aviators


Ray Ban Aviators are the coolest shades out there. And you could get them for your boyfriend as a Christmas or birthday present if you have the budget. 


Ray Ban originally designed its Aviators to keep the sun out of the pilot’s eyes. Since then, it has refined the design, giving the classic an edgier look. 


Being a high-quality make, Ray Ban’s lenses block almost all UV light. They also come with high-quality accessories, including handy carry cases when he doesn’t want to perch them on his head. 


Bear Pillow


Some boyfriends get feverishly hot at night. All those smothering covers are enough to drive a man crazy!


That’s where a Happy Bear Pillow can help. These feature “Double Ice Fabric,” helping to keep him cool throughout the night (and prevent all that annoying tossing and turning). 


Bear Pillows are not too soft and not too firm. Instead, they are “just right,” providing plenty of support. Goldilocks would be proud. 


Custom Wall Art


Buying your boyfriend custom wall art is an excellent way to remind him of how cultured he is. Like him, you understand the finer things in life. 


But don’t just get him any old wall art. Buy him something bespoke. 


For example, you could get him pieces from artist Claudia Moldovan. She transforms catchy melodies into one-of-a-kind artworks to symbolize tunes, meaning you could use them to represent “your song” in visual form. 


Engraved Silver Cuff Bracelet


If your man loves jewelry, invest in a silver cuff. The brand, Homme, makes one with highly polished beveled edges, a matte inner band, and an open design, allowing your boyfriend to trend-set wherever he goes. 


The cuff has classic masculine lines and looks fantastic when paired with a ring in a similar style. The bevels also modernize the traditional silhouette, giving the piece a polished, high-end finish. Owning it will make him proud. 


Home House Robe


Still stuck for ideas? Why not get your man a home house robe? These are ideal when he wants to slip into something warm after a shower and isn’t keen on using a towel. 


Soho Home makes one from 100% recycled polyester. It has a fluffy hood and an attached belt, giving him something to wear to keep him warm and comfortable no matter what the weather throws at him. 


Dior Saddle Messenger Bag


If your man is a stickler for high fashion, getting him the Dior Saddle Messenger Bag could be one of the greatest moves you ever make. The Italian designer equips it with a tonal engrained calfskin saddle flap at the front with an aluminum buckle, a spacious interior with a slip pocket for essentials, and an adjustable Christian Dior nylon jacquard strap for wearing over the shoulder or cross-body. It’s the ultimate luxury gift. 


Funny Ideas For Boyfriend Gifts


Couples’ Conversation Starters


If your boyfriend is the strong silent type, get him a pack of conversation starters for Christmas or his birthday. He can use these to fire up a conversation with you (or anyone else who happens to be in the room). 


Conversation starter kits come with 51 cards he can use to ignite a conversation. Use them on date night over dinner or long strolls beside the beach. 




Being a man can be unforgiving sometimes. There’s a lot of pressure to be tough and successful. 


Therefore, every gentleman needs a pair of rubberized testicles. Squeezing these occasionally relieves pressure and crushes the pain away, improving the day. 


Firebox makes some “Stressticles” that are pleasantly life-size.” These fit in the palm of his hand for use anywhere, including work, on the train, or at the mall. The rubber can take extreme punishment, which is immensely satisfying when he needs something to crush. 


World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever


If your man loves traveling the world, you get him a funny travel guide, like the one by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever. These take an unvarnished look at various cultures, telling you everything you need to know, including the bad, and the ugly. 


Woolever’s and Bourdain’s book covers everything from the untouched wilds of Borneo to the bustling cosmopolitan heart of Buenos Aires. It provides practice, fun, and frank travel advice, giving your boyfriend more insight into his favorite places, including where to stay, what to eat, and who to avoid. 


The World’s Smallest Fighting Robots


Even the smallest robots still need to fight – at least that’s the message from these tiny Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots. And that might be a sentiment your boyfriend shares.


With these, you get two tiny punching-fighting robots your man can take anywhere. Hand one to a stranger for a surprise battle on the train or in the bar. The possibilities are endless. 


Gamer’s Gum


Your boyfriend’s gaming sessions can last for days – sometimes longer. Therefore, he might need gamer’s gum, a special product engineered to produce additional chew resistance to help gamers “in the zone.” Even if he is concentrating fully on the task at hand, his gum will never let him down, protecting his teeth from excessive grinding. 


It’s not just about science, either: this gum is still incredibly delicious. Your boyfriend can enjoy the same fantastic flavors as regular gum while fragging his friends online. 


Custom Face Socks


Lastly, consider getting custom face socks for your man. Vendors make these with images of faces all over them. Use yours, his, or someone else’s for comedic effect. 


And there you have it, folks! We’ve journeyed through the whimsical world of boyfriend gifts ideas, from the heartwarming to the downright hysterical. But if you’re still hungry for more inspiration, fear not! Head over to for an endless array of curated lists to keep the surprises rolling and the smiles beaming. Happy gifting, lovebirds!

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