Best Man Gifts Ideas: Unique Tokens of Gratitude for Your Best Buddy

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Struggling to find the perfect gift for your best man? Look no further! Our collection of Best Man Gifts Ideas will help you choose unique tokens of gratitude that will show your appreciation for your right-hand man. From sentimental keepsakes to fun surprises, we’ve got you covered!


Personalized Best Man Gifts Ideas


If you’re looking for ideas for best man gifts that your best man will love, a personalized best man gift is a great choice. When you’re looking for a sentimental gift that provides a lasting memory of your big day for your best man, a personalized gift fits the bill perfectly. Your best man then has a permanent reminder of the important role he played on your special day. 


Finding a personalized gift that your best man will really love can be tough. But to give you a helping hand, we’ve gathered together some of the very best personalized best man gifts below:


Engraved Decanter Set and Glasses


Get ready to raise a glass to your wedding celebrations and give a gift that’s both practical and thoughtful with a custom engraved whiskey decanter set. To make the gift extra special, you could choose a customized whiskey decanter set with glasses monogrammed with your best man’s initials. There are plenty of sets that come complete with their own wooden case, too, which makes the decanter set even more special. Of course, it also provides you with the perfect excuse to get together with your buddy and enjoy a drink as you reflect on your wedding day.


Personalized Leather Wallet


Another personalized best man gift that’s practical and sentimental is a customized wallet. This handy best man gift shows that you appreciate their support during your wedding and is something that they can use again and again. 



When it comes to choosing a personalized leather wallet as a gift for your best man, you have plenty of options. You could choose a leather wallet that has been personalized with a photo. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not choose a leather money clip that is personalized with your best man’s name or initials? This practical item can be used every day and is sure to be a gift that’s appreciated.


Stylish Ideas for Best Man Gifts


If your best man is all about keeping up appearances, then he’ll love a stylish gift. Showing your appreciation with a stylish best man gift is an awesome way of showing your buddy just how well you know him and appreciate his individual style. 


The great thing about browsing stylish gifts for best man ideas is that you can take your pick from a huge selection of gifts. Here are some stylish ideas for best man gifts that he’ll love:


Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag


Help your best man stay stylish wherever he goes with a personalized leather toiletry bag. Any guy who’s serious about grooming will love having a stylish bag to keep all his toiletries in. Whether he’s at home or on the go, a personalized toiletry bag is a gift that he can keep using forever. 



If your best man is someone who appreciates the finer things in life, a handmade leather toiletry bag combo is a perfect gift ad the ideal companion for his jet-set adventures to luxurious destinations.


Engraved Watch


When your best man has been with you every step of the way through life’s adventures, it makes sense to get him a stylish gift that honors the time you’ve spent together. An engraved watch is the ideal best man gift to commemorate your friendship. Choosing an engraved watch is a premium best man gift idea for a style-conscious buddy. Wooden watches are so popular right now and are a really fashionable choice. The great thing about wooden watches is that they can be customized with a full message to your best man, making a perfect stylish, yet sentimental best man gift idea.


Unique Best Man Gift Ideas


Looking for best man gift ideas for the guy that’s got everything? We’ve all got that one friend that has it all. If this sounds like your best man, you’ve probably spent way too much time trying to think what to buy him as a best man gift. But don’t worry, help is at hand. We’ve got best man gifts ideas that even guys who are super tricky to buy for will love. Check out these quirky best man gift ideas:


Book an Experience Gift


When someone has it all, the best gift you can give is often an experience rather than a physical present. Booking an experience gift is a thoughtful way to show appreciation for a best man who has everything without duplicating items they already own. The great thing about experience gifts is that you can be sure that they’re unique, meaning that he’s sure to be surprised by your gift choice.



So, what experience gift ideas for a best man are there? Well, it’s helpful to think about his interests and hobbies. You can then choose an experience gift that matches these. Is he a cocktail connoisseur? If so, why not book a cocktail mixology gift experience and even purchase a mixology book to go with it so he can get some practice before his cocktail class? 


Maybe your best man thinks of himself as an accomplished amateur chef. If so, a cookery class experience in a food-related subject that interests him could be ideal. There are so many specialist cookery classes available right now, so you’re sure to find one that matches his tastes. The great thing about gift experience best man gift ideas is that you can join in the fun, too. Why not book two tickets so that you can both go along to the experience and enjoy some quality time together once you’re back from your honeymoon? It’s a great way to show that you still want to spend time with your best buddy after your nuptials.


Beer Brewing Kit


Even if your best man is super hard to buy for and seems to have it all, you can be sure he doesn’t have a beer brewing kit. Brewing his own beer is more than just a gift, you’re basically buying him a fun hobby! A beer brewing kit is sure to be a gift that he’s never received before and one that he will really appreciate. After all, who doesn’t want to have their own brewery? 



There are lots of different beer brewing starter kits to choose from, so you can pick one that allows him to brew his own version of his favorite tipple. Choose a craft beer brewing kit to keep things traditional and let him get hands-on with brewing his own beer. Or, if he’s a lover of gadgets and all things tech, you could choose an electric brewing system kit. This more compact system will make brewing his own beer a simpler process and means he gets a cool gadget to play around with, too. Just be sure that he invites you over to sample his creations once he’s finished brewing them.


More Ideas for Best Man Gifts


We know that finding best man gift ideas can be tough. You want something that shows your best buddy how much he means to you, but without giving him a gift that he’ll never use. So, if you’re still looking for some extra best man gift inspiration, we have even more ideas ready and waiting for you to discover. 



You may choose to buy your best man a gift that puts you in complete control of the budget and what it contains. Creating a best man gift basket for your buddy is a perfect way to put together a gift that’s truly personal to him. Simply choose a gift basket and then fill it with his favorite products. As this gift is so personal the items you put inside can be as random as you like. You could even include token novelty gifts that are a nod to in-jokes you share or big moments in your friendship.


If your best man is serious about sports, then a sports jersey could make a great gift for him. You could choose his favorite team’s sports jersey for this season. This will honor the year of your wedding and act as a special reminder of the day. Alternatively, you could have something sentimental printed onto the back of the sports jersey. This could be the date of your wedding to make it a reminder of the day. Or, you could simply have his name or initials printed on the jersey to add a personal touch.


All the planning and organization that goes into a wedding can be tough. So, your best man has a huge part to play in your celebrations. Showing him how much you appreciate him taking on this role and being by your side throughout it all is vital. If you’re looking for some extra best man gift ideas, why not take a look at our gift assistant and make finding the perfect gift easy? 

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