Best Friend Gifts Ideas: Unique Finds to Cherish Forever

Looking for the perfect way to show your best friend how much they mean to you? Look no further! Our latest blog post is here to save the day with the best friend gifts ideas that will knock their socks off. From quirky trinkets to heartfelt keepsakes, we’ve gathered the most delightful and memorable gifts that will make your bestie smile from ear to ear. Get ready to discover presents that are as fun and fabulous as your friendship!

Something Personal


Best friend gift ideas are excellent when they’re personal. After all, this is your BFF, so you need to go above and beyond. Buying them any old thing won’t cut it, so you need to get them a personalized gift instead. 


There’s plenty of freedom to come up with possibilities here – the important thing to remember is that the gift should be unique to the person. Consider their likes and interests before exploring the different personalized gifts available. 


One very sweet idea is to get them a Personalized Best Friend Print from Etsy. You’ll find some truly talented artists who can draw or create a gorgeous print of you and your best friend with a special message on it. They’ll appreciate how beautiful it looks and the immense amount of thought behind the gift. 


A New Piece Of Tech


Who doesn’t like getting their hands on the latest piece of technology? We’ve all got loads of gadgets these days, so why don’t you get your bestie a new one? Your choice depends on their preferences – pay attention to some of the things they talk about. Are they always going on about wanting the latest Apple Watch? Do they constantly talk about wanting a new camera? Are they a gamer who wants a new Nintendo Switch? 


All of these are excellent best friend gift ideas that’ll go down an absolute treat! Think about parts of their life they might complain about as well, such as their jobs. Do they always moan about having to use their iPad to take notes at work? If so, think about getting them a new Logitech Keyboard for iPad devices that transforms their tablet into a mini laptop. 


You’ll find hundreds of tech gift ideas for besties that may be perfect for your friend. Pay attention to what they’re interested in or look at ways you can buy tech gifts that improve aspects of their life. 


Subscription Services


Nowadays, the world revolves around subscription services. If you want something, you’re probably going to end up paying monthly for it. Most of us pay for multiple streaming services and the chances are you and your best friend may share a few passwords here and there. Still, getting them a subscription service as a gift is a fantastic option for a couple of reasons. 


Firstly, you’re giving them a gift that keeps on giving for months! Secondly, you’re (hopefully) buying them something they want, yet either can’t afford or don’t want to pay for. As we already mentioned, the odds are high that your BFF has access to most of the TV and film streaming platforms they like. Instead, get them a different sort of subscription gift – like a monthly food box. 


You will obviously find loads of possibilities within this gift idea, but our favorite is one called Atlas Coffee Club. It’s an absolute must if your friend likes coffee as it delivers a new coffee from a new country every month. Buy them the subscription for a year and they’ll get to try twelve new coffees between now and their next birthday. It’s a fantastic idea – if your friend doesn’t like coffee, consider other food-related subscription boxes as we believe they get the best reception compared to other subscription gifts! 




If there’s one gift you can never go wrong with, it’s a candle. Men, women – everyone loves candles. Even if someone doesn’t outright admit to loving a candle, you can bet they’ll be pleased when they receive one. It’s the perfect gift; it looks fantastic, lasts for a long time, and can be tweaked to suit your best friend’s preferences. 


The other great thing about candles is that you can decide if one will be the main present or an add-on gift. Those of you looking for main gift ideas for friends will love a large candle jar. They’re more expensive and fabulous than smaller ones, making them a proper statement gift. 


We could list hundreds of possibilities here, yet one that’s catching our eye lately is the Jasmine Midnight Blooms Large Jar Candle. It’s exceptionally pretty, uber stylish, and the lovely mellow scent is very relaxing. The jar itself is worthy of a gift alone – and here’s the best part; once your friend burns through the candle, they can repurpose the beautiful jar however they like! In many ways, you’re giving two gifts for the price of one. 


Birthstone Jewelry 


Birthday gift ideas for best friends don’t get much better than birthstone jewelry. Everyone has a birthstone (you can find your friends one here) and it’s supposed to be symbolic. Even if your friend doesn’t care too much about gemstones or birthstones, it’s a nice little touch to show you’re thinking about them and have gone the extra mile to get a gift that relates to their birthday. 


Buying jewelry for a friend can be tough as you don’t always know what style they like or how to get the right sizing. That’s why our best choice is to pick a birthstone necklace – these options from Abbott Lyon make for excellent best friend gift ideas and come at a variety of price points. Most necklaces come in only one size and are subtly styled to suit almost every taste. 


Alternative Gift Ideas For Best Friends


Still looking for best friend gift ideas? If the five picks above aren’t to your taste – or maybe you want to get them something extra – we’ve got a handful of alternative gifts to consider: 


  • DIY Spa Kit – These are all the rage and you can find them everywhere. They typically include a few items your friend can use to create a spa experience at home. We like the Spa Luxetique Gift Set as it gives your friend 12 items to feel lovely and relaxed, including a couple of bath bombs, body lotion, and more. 

  • House Plants – Let your friend add some greenery to their home with a lovely house plant or two. The trick with this gift idea is picking a plant that’s easy to maintain. This Green Snake Plant is a fantastic choice as your friend will only need to water it once every 2 months and it thrives in low-light environments. 

  • Wellness Journal – Mental health is everything and you want to ensure your bestie is looking after themselves. This Wellness Journal from Papier is a brilliant gift option as it helps your friend chronicle their mental well-being. They get little exercises every day, can write notes about how they’re feeling, and so much more. 


Budget Best Friend Gift Ideas


Your best friend means the world to you, but sometimes you can’t spend a fortune on their birthday presents. Maybe you both set a budget and you’re struggling to stick to it. If so, here are some wonderful best friend gift ideas that won’t cost more than $20: 


  • DIY Scrapbook – Get your creative juices flowing and make a scrapbook for your best friend. You can find a scrapbook photo album for around $15 on Amazon, and then it’s a case of printing out photos and sticking them inside. If you’ve got a printer and some photo paper, this gift is basically free from then on out. 

  • A New Phone Case – Everyone has a phone, so everyone needs a phone case. Have you noticed your BFF’s phone case looks a bit worn and tired? Get them one of these Cute Protective Phone Cases from Casely to jazz up their device. Some are available for as little as $10 with a discount code, so browse through the list and find one to suit your budget. 

  • Luxury Chocolate – You’ll notice we’ve got a luxury gift ideas section coming up, but this option just about falls into the budget category. Treat your friend to a Gesture Gift Box from La Maison du Chocolat for $10 and they can taste some truly indulgent chocolate treats. Gifting your best friend some chocolate isn’t the most thoughtful idea, but gifting them luxury chocolate most certainly is! 


Luxury Gift Ideas For Your Bestie


What about those of you who want to go all out for your bestie? It’s a big birthday for them – or maybe they’ve helped you a lot over the last few months/years and you think they deserve a massive treat. Here are a few high-end gift ideas to consider when money is no object: 


  • Spa Day – We introduced the idea of a DIY spa gift set, but what if you want to treat your friend to the real thing? Spa Day Packages are readily available on sites like Groupon, revealing a wealth of possibilities. Book a day for you and your friend so you can enjoy massages, pampering, and a spot of lunch with some bubbly. 

  • A Weekend Away – Give your best friend the gift of a relaxing weekend away together. It can be a staycation or a full-blown vacation – whatever you think is right for them. We like heading to Airbnb and checking out some of the places available there. It’s a great way to gain inspiration while also booking a unique place for you and your friend to stay during the trip. 

  • Luxury Perfume – Who doesn’t love smelling nice? Get your friend some luxury perfume to show them how much they mean to you. If they always talk about a specific brand but complain about how expensive it is, that’s the one you buy. Otherwise, check out some of the best sellers at Perfumania


Funny Gift Ideas For Best Friends


Sometimes, all your best friend wants is something silly. They’re not expecting a “proper” gift, so get them something funny instead! We’ve got a few funny gift ideas for best friends that’ll leave you both cracking up for a very long time: 


  • Funny Mugs – A comical mug is the perfect funny gift idea for best friends as you get a bit of both worlds. It’s funny, yet still practical. There are some genius ones on Lofitpop that we recommend checking out. You’re bound to find one that relates to your bestie and will make them laugh every time they have their morning coffee! 

  • Novelty Socks – One for the ages, but novelty socks still remain a funny gift for friends. Our favorite idea right now is to get Custom Novelty Face Socks from Sockologie. Pick a style and upload a photo of a face to get printed onto the socks over and over. It could be your face, your best friend’s face, their partner’s face, or an ex’s face; it’s entirely up to you. 
  • Throw Throw Burrito – The final funny gift we have for you is a game called Throw Throw Burrito. It’s basically a dodgeball card game but you’re throwing small toy burritos at one another instead of balls. That description should be more than enough to convince you this is a super fun game to buy your best friend! 


Foodie Best Friend Gifts Ideas


Does your friend go crazy for food? If you’re buying gifts for a foodie, you need to try one (or maybe even all) of the options below: 


  • Cookie Kits – Cookies always go down a treat when you buy them as birthday gifts, but why not go one step further and get your bestie a cookie kit? This Ice Cream Sandwich Kit is a fine idea – it gives your friend a box of gourmet cookies with some additional ingredients to turn them into ice cream sandwiches. Other kits exist as well, we just like this one the most. 

  • International Snack Boxes – Give your friend the gift of snacks from around the world! Pick a destination and see if you can find a snack box full of treats from that specific country. We’re huge fans of the Gift Bokksu Snack Box that surprises the recipient with a host of Japanese snacks and candy. It’ll be like your friend has visited Tokyo (only minus the jetlag and extortionate airline fees). 

  • DIY Cooking Kits – For those friends who love to cook, a Cooking Kit from Global Grub is the best decision you’ll make. Send them a lovely box full of different ingredients to make something special. We picked Global Grub as it delivers kits to make iconic dishes from cuisines around the world. 


We hope this list of best friend gifts ideas sparks your imagination. There’s sure to be something here your bestie will love—or at least plenty to inspire you! For even more amazing ideas, visit and find the perfect gift today!

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