Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Adorable Essentials

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The Perfect Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts.

Baby Essentials.

Having a baby can be expensive. In fact, a recent study found that it costs, on average, $1,080 a month to raise a child. As a result, if you’re looking for the best baby shower gift ideas, focus on “baby essentials.” This drastically reduces the amount of money that expecting parents will have to spend when awaiting their new arrival – and can also reduce their stress levels during this time too!



Another great thing about focusing on purchasing baby essentials for your friend or loved one is that there’s something for every budget, whether you’ve been saving up to buy them something special or are on the lookout for a budget-friendly gift. With that in mind, here are some adorable gift ideas for the new arrival!


Baby Blankets


Did you know that newborns typically sleep between 16-18 hours a day? You can ensure they are comfortable while doing so by purchasing a range of soft blankets and comforters as baby shower gifts. Focus on “softer” fabrics, such as cotton baby comforters, as they are gentler on their skin! Remember, there are also a wide range of blanket styles to choose from, such as swaddle blankets and receiving blankets – buying a mixture is a great way to ensure that all bases are covered. 




Diapers are one of the biggest expenses incurred by new parents, making them another fantastic baby shower gift idea. You could even pay for a diaper subscription service, so that they receive them directly to their door each month, reducing the need for any late-night store runs! Alternatively, you may want to purchase a diaper genie on their behalf. 




Baby Bottles are another great gift option, and buying a selection of bottles for the new arrival means that their parents can always have them to hand when they need them. As bottles need to be sterilized daily, this can reduce the amount of time they spend cleaning. 




As they play such an essential role in a baby’s development and can often stop tantrums in their tracks, new parents can never have too many Pacifiers




If there’s one thing that babies are good at, it’s making a mess. For this reason, bibs are always a great choice when it comes to gifts for baby showers. You also have a wide range of bibs to choose from, whether you’re looking for bibs with fun and creative patterns or something a little more simple. You could also purchase silicone/waterproof baby bibs, which can easily be wiped clean between uses! 


Mattress protector


While it may not be the most glamorous of gifts, mattress protectors for cribs will make it much easier for new parents to respond to any nighttime accidents quickly and effectively. It also protects their crib from damage! 

Baby Monitor


Baby monitors provide parents with greater peace of mind each time they put their child to bed or down for the night. Fortunately, there is a wide range to choose from. However, the New York Times recently ranked the Babysense 5.5” 1080p Full HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor as the best baby monitor around! On a similar note, a nightlight is another excellent gift! This can provide the baby with comfort should they wake up in the night, as they are never left alone in the dark. 


A baby mobile


 While they may initially seem to be nothing more than decorative, baby mobiles serve various functions. For example, they provide babies with visual stimulation, which, in turn, can help with sensory processing. As they reach and grasp the mobile itself, they’re also developing their fine motor skills. Finally, they have a notably soothing and calming effect on babies and small children – making them essential for a new arrival. This means that they are the perfect baby shower gift! This is also something that you could easily personalize so that it features the baby’s name! 


A white noise machine


Various reports have found that babies are able to fall asleep quicker when listening to a white noise machine. This is because they block out other sounds within the home, such as their parents talking downstairs, music, and more, creating a more peaceful and, most importantly, sleep-inducing atmosphere. This could also mean that they’re able to sleep through the night without waking up (or tears), which could mean that their parents are able to get a good night’s sleep too. Either way, they are sure to thank you if you bring a white noise machine to their baby shower. Some white noise machines are even available as plushies


Bathing essentials


Bathing essentials are also a great choice of baby shower gifts, as they are something that new parents will run through pretty quickly. After all, babies get messy every few seconds (or at least it can feel that way). As such, you could buy them a range of baby bathing essentials, such as baby lotion, baby oil, and baby shampoo. Remember to buy products that are designed specifically for babies, as other products may contain harsh ingredients.

Baby Store Vouchers


If you aren’t sure what essentials to buy for the new arrival (or their parents), consider buying a voucher for a local baby store instead. This gives the parents freedom to purchase exactly what they need, from clothes and accessories to blankets. It also means they can buy products that match their exact tastes and preferences. Alternatively, you could buy vouchers and Giftcards for them on sites such as Amazon! 

Customized Onesies


Customized onesies are a great way to take baby shower gifts to the next level, as they’re a little more personal than onesies purchased from your local mom and baby store.


You can purchase a wide range of  baby onesies on sites such as amazon. If they have not chosen a name for their baby yet (or have decided not to reveal it), you could customize the onesie so that it reads “Baby ___ surname” instead!.  incase you’re in a hurry getting a fun onesies online are best option. 


Scrapbook Set


Babies grow so quickly, and while raising a newborn can be difficult, many would love to relieve their baby’s first months or year over and over again. You can make this a reality by purchasing a baby scrapbook set that they can use to preserve all of those magical moments. For example, they can add the following items to their scrapbook: 


  • Baby scans and ultrasound pictures.
  • Journal entries and diaries about pregnancy and the new arrival in general.
  • Photographs of the baby, the baby shower, and more.
  • Hospital wristbands and reports.
  • A lock of the baby’s hair.
  • Artwork featuring the baby’s foot or handprints.
  • Handwritten notes from friends and family members.
  • The time and date of any milestones reached (first smile, first laugh, first time they sleep through the entire night).


Alternatively, you could purchase a memory box instead. In addition to the items listed above, they’ll also be able to save bigger items, such as their child’s first pair of shoes, their first babygrow, stuffed animals or plushies, and any other items that they outgrow. 


Gifts For The Mother


While buying adorable essentials for the new arrival is always a great choice, you may also want to purchase gifts that the new mother can use too! For example, this could include an at-home spa kit that they can use to relax and refresh during a time when getting plenty of sleep is unlikely. 


Alternatively, you could put together a spa kit yourself by purchasing a range of the following: 


While buying gifts for the mother makes a lot of sense, it’s important that you do not forget about the father either! Again, there are a lot of options for you to choose between in this regard. While they may benefit from many of the gifts outlined above, you could also purchase presents such as comfortable sweatpants, earplugs for sleepless nights, and a coffee subscription! 




A baby can never have too many plushies! They provide them with a sense of security and comfort, and studies have found that playing with plushies can aid with cognitive development and function. Fortunately, there are unlimited options to choose from when it comes to buying plushies for newborns. 


For some guidance, you may benefit from asking the parents-to-be how they plan on decorating their nursery. This way, you can purchase plushies that align with their theme or vision. For example, if they are planning an animal-themed nursery, you could purchase a rabbit plushie, an otter plushie, or even a capybara plushie


A Newborn Photoshoot


Babies don’t stay babies forever. In fact, they grow so quickly it’s hard to even comprehend what is happening. As a result, paying for a newborn photoshoot is the perfect gift, as parents are able to preserve these special moments in a unique way. Not only that, but the pictures taken by a professional newborn photographer are likely to be far better in quality than the ones they’ve taken on their phone! 



A quick online search will help you find a photographer in the area who specializes in newborn photography, though be sure to check out their portfolio of work ahead of time. You may also want to purchase a specific outfit for the baby to wear during the photoshoot! Reach out to the photographer ahead of time to see if they can give you a voucher for the parents to use instead of booking a specific time and date for the photoshoot itself. This gives them more control over their schedule, especially as they could have a late arrival if the baby does not arrive by their original due date.



Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Girls


When buying baby shower gifts for a girl, you have plenty of options to choose from. For example, you could purchase a range of adorable (customized) dresses for the little angel, such as this adorable daisy print dress and cardigan set from Hudson Baby Store. You could also purchase a range of accessories, such as bows! 


However, clothing isn’t an option when it comes to buying gifts for baby girls. You could buy them a range of toys or accessories for their nursery. If in doubt, think pink! 



Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys


There are also plenty of personalized and cute clothing and accessories options for boys, too. For example, you could purchase an adorable pair of baby dungarees that feature cute patterns or designs, such as this Newborn Star Print Dungarees Set


Again, you could also buy them a range of toys designed especially for young boys. However, when buying toys ahead of a baby shower, ensure that they are age-appropriate, otherwise, it will be some time until they are of any use to the parents, meaning they could take up space! 



Cute Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts


Cute and sentimental gifts are also considered to be good ideas for baby shower gifts. For example, you could purchase customizable picture books, which feature the baby’s (or their parent’s) names so that they become the main characters in their own stories. To get started on creating their one-of-a-kind storybook, head to Wonderbly



If you’re artistically inclined, you could always make a gift for your friend or their newborn baby. For example, you could knit them some clothing, throws, or blankets in bright colors! Alternatively, you could paint a picture to hang in their nursery! 


Another cute example of a baby shower gift is turning their scans into artwork. For example, many digital artists are able to turn baby scans into beautiful prints or canvases that can be hung in the family home or nursery. Alternatively, you could buy them a Baby Countdown Arrival Frame so that they can count down the days until they have their little one in their arms. Afterward, this frame can be used to display their birthdate and scan! 



Unusual Baby Shower Ideas For Gifts


If you’re on the lookout for a more unusual baby shower gift, why not look into subscription services that are designed specifically for new moms (and babies)? Technically speaking, this is the kind of gift that keeps on giving, as they will receive something new to open each month.



For example, you could purchase a Bitsy Box subscription, during which they receive 5 new items of clothing each month – based on their baby’s size and weight. This can be a real lifesaver when you take into account just how quickly babies grow!


Alternatively, you could pay for a subscription to Little Bloomer Baby Boxes. This means that they will receive age-appropriate toys directly to their door, which allows their children to develop a range of skills, all while having fun. This makes it easier for new parents to determine which toys are best for their children, and they also come with advice and guidance for new parents! 


Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas


If you are not able to splash the cash when buying a gift for your friend or loved one’s new arrival, don’t worry. Not only is it the thought that counts but there are also plenty of budget-friendly baby shower gifts to choose from! 



For example, the last thing that any new parent wants to do after putting their child to bed is to cook a complicated meal. You can ensure they don’t go to bed hungry by buying them a voucher for their favorite restaurant. As you can customize the specific amount of credit on each card, you can ensure that your gift fits within your budget while still buying them something purposeful and meaningful. 



On a similar note, a Doordash voucher is always a great choice. This means that if they’re in urgent need of items such as diapers or formula, they don’t have to run out to the store to collect them; they can have them delivered directly to their door in their time of need. 


If you’re worried about money, you could always offer your time and assistance as a gift instead. For example, you could make your own vouchers for tasks such as “babysitting,” “dealing with a crying baby,” or “grocery shopping.” This is a great way to show your support without landing yourself in a difficult situation.


In short, there are a wide range of options available when it comes to buying gifts for a baby shower – ensuring that they are well-prepared for their new arrival. 

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